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Sherman doesn't always wear a tie to work.


It kept snowing all day.

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We should listen to him.

Some eggs were good, but the others were bad.

I'm really not in the mood for this.

Acid fruits like pineapples and lemons are sour.

Albert was very proud of you.

How should I know where he is?

Before going to Mexico, I studied Spanish.

It was next to impossible to get a trained pilot.

Sam managed to get on the school basketball team.

I'm here by choice.

Don't hang out with Daniele.

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Thad found the experience terrifying.

How many onion starts did you plant this year?

After the storm, the sea was quiet again.

How long are you staying in Japan?

Vick is a widower.

Would that be possible?

I should be with him.

Beliefs are a product of our imagination.

Syd is now on some sort of secret mission.

Jeanette is stunned.

Bjorne depends on Laura too much.

Stacey bought the house next door to me three years ago.

That was hilarious.

He delayed answering the letter.

He's a financial analyst with a pretty good reputation for his analysis of economic trends.


Many people mindlessly agree with whatever a shock jock says.


We mustn't forget their sports gear.


He had a look that mingled fright with surprise.

Will you look after my dog tomorrow?

I'm almost certain that we have enough water.

I don't hurt your animals.

I haven't seen Guillermo in months.

The operator told me to hang up and wait for a moment.

He will not be back tomorrow.


I had a lot of fun playing tennis with Joseph.

I don't like this sweater.

Her daughter eloped with a young author.

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The stray dog suddenly came at the child.

He broke down every one.

This is a good plan.

The cargo spacecraft exploded a few seconds after launch.

Kusum wrote his paper by copy-pasting from Wikipedia.

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I had to help her.

Simply put in a sample of your urine and the computer will diagnose your problem and tell you what you can do about it.

It isn't her.

She rarely, perhaps never, goes to bed before eleven o'clock.

Since you're so smart, why don't you do it yourself?

A man of strong will is not subject to corruption.

Death, in whatever form, is repulsive.

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I am licking an ice-cream.

I'm impressed with how much you know.

We did not think her loud dress was appropriate for the time and place.

He is going like the devil.

Gregory's in the doghouse at work, following several unapproved days off.


People don't smoke here.

No one expected him to announce his candidacy again.

The police arrested three men.


We may only have a few minutes.

She always winds up a conversation with a wave of her hand.

The president of this country is eloquent.

I'll stop.

He went to the store at the last minute, just before it closed.

There is a lot I can't do until tomorrow.

All the papers were taped up and kept in the safe.

We often played chess.

He is absent from school.

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It happened that we were on the same train.

We all speak English.

It's beautiful.

Potatoes give me wind.

They're starving.

I had a great night.

He stared straight at her.

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I don't understand what you're trying to say.

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It took me several hours to correct it.

Everyone gets what they deserve.

What time do you think you'll arrive?

Would you mind if we stayed here for a while?

Rafik, you're so cheap!

He used a lot of honey.

The family received discouraging news from the doctor about Konstantinos's health.

He was seriously injured in a traffic accident.

Possibly he knows who broke the windows.

No less than one hundred people were present.

I'm on the interstate.

You're wasting water.

Keep it under guard.


Alain's French is excellent.

Susan may not come, but Betty certainly will.

He worked hard none the worse for the accident.


I know that times are tough.

How many young people do you know that own as many cars as Derek does?

What has he done to you?

What are the conditions?

I didn't know I was invited.

Is it possible to tell funny stories in Lojban?

Joseph has to make his own decisions.

I wish I had a car.

Did you talk about me?

Why don't you just leave?

I'm going to buy him something.


They took food and clothing.


Judith took Vijay along.


Shouldn't you be helping me?

Dori is still wearing the ring Po gave her.

The big oak tree breaks the force of the wind.

I want to go to the restroom but I'll restrain myself.

There is one thing I've never told you: I'm a superbeing!

The novel is centered on the Civil War.

One of my cousins is married to a novelist.

It is up to you.

Bert isn't here either.

The truck fell off the cliff.

No one wants to answer that question.

What else can you do for us?

A number of friends saw him off.

That's all I worry about.

I am Siberian.

I have always been very passionate about literature.

We're not poor.

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I found her in tears in her room.


There is no admission fee for children under five.

Stuart was here before I was.

Do you have a backup plan?


I asked twenty friends to the party.

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Let's go wake them up.


I would never betray my partner.

Cliff wants to be a doctor.

I suddenly felt old.

I thought you might like this book.

Everybody laughs.

All that I can say to you is at this moment, I know nothing.

This painting is a good copy of the original.


Are you going to give up?

Let's call it a night.

Is there anyone here who hasn't yet met Julianto?

Tait and Dwight rushed outside to see the plane.

I wish we had the time to help, but we don't.

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You're just seeking to embellish all this!


I have three teenagers.

Straka took a sip of coffee.

The best, most beautiful, and most perfect way that we have of expressing a sweet concord of mind to each other is by music.


It's public knowledge.

I consider you one of my closest friends.

I tried to set by all the money I could earn.


I know what you told me.

I wasn't always happy.

Cyrus is allergic to monosodium glutamate.

My sister's getting married to one of her old classmates.

What kind of pet do you want?

There is no result for this search (yet) but you can help us feeding the corpus with new vocabulary!

The sun had hidden itself behind a mountain.

We're all working to make the world a safer place.

Never press this button.

Our house adjoins his.

Some are expensive, and others are very cheap.

Jeffrey is always grumpy in the morning.

Meeks sensed Loyd's disappointment.

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Please speak a little slower, Nathan.

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Greece is bankrupt.

The truth is I'm a man in a man's body.

She had her tooth pulled.

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How do you know I haven't found someone special?