Know exactly why production code breaks

Blackbox detects when your JavaScript breaks and delivers the source code and variable state that caused it.

No more guesswork

Blackbox automatically captures a callstack with all relevant variables at the time of an error. It's like setting a breakpoint exactly where the error happened - on your end-user's machine.

On top of the code and variable snapshot, Blackbox gives you a detailed history of user events prior to the exception, including user clicks, input, navigation, HTTP requests, and console events.
Blackbox groups errors together contextually. Know when an error was introduced, how many times it's been seen, how many users have been affected and more.

Fix errors faster with the only JavaScript error service that delivers source code and variable state to your team.

Get alerted

Get daily summaries and notifications for new or specific errors happening in your applications.


Log specific messages with context to Blackbox at any time. Blackbox automatically captures console logs prior to the error.


Blackbox maps your transpiled code and variables automatically, or sourcemaps can be applied later.

Easy Setup

Include a Blackbox script on your page, tell it which scripts you want to see the source code for - that's it.

Get started now. Try BlackBox free for 14 days, or contact us and we'll demo for you.