We hate each other.

One should always be careful in talking about one's finances.

The whole class took the test.

Shel doesn't want to sell his farm.

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I never made allusion to an intention to marry.

I want him to like you.

I thought you wouldn't like Al.

Look who's here.

I have no intention of going to the party with you.


I believe it to be him.

Come to think of it, a pizza is a pie chart that shows how much pizza you have left.

Dan didn't even check his mailbox.

I had some engine trouble yesterday.

She was accepted to Harvard.

And then Stefan did something totally unexpected.

We don't have polygamy in Japan, dear.

Where have you been this week?

Pamela can testify to that.

Amarth would do anything for you.

To how many students have you given the highest grade?

Does Win often come here?

You've done well.

I don't like beer.

Lucifer is the one I'm waiting for.

I agree with you.

The real reminiscences seemed to be an illusion while the false ones were so convincing that could replace the reality.

Rolfe told me you needed some money.

It was from Valeria.

I hate it when my clothes smell like cigarettes.

I've seen Luc do some amazing things.

Tell Alastair to take a seat.

You are not consistent in your actions.

Is this word correct in this context?

The elevator isn't working.

We were very tired, so that we stayed home.

From my position, I cannot see the tower.

It would've been better not to say anything.

Oddly, I've been watching a lot of telenovelas this fall.

My work at the TV station is handling letters written in by viewers.

What was the first instrument you learned to play?


She took a job in a store for the summer.


Don't dig a hole for others, let them dig it themselves.

You spend too much time in front of your computer.

Her unexpected visit got him all worked up.

Help me with shelling these eggs!

I've never thought about it.

I didn't want to get out of bed.

He bored me with his endless tales.


Where did I go wrong?


Maureen is covered in dirt and grime.

She arrested the thief.

Blue is my favorite color.

We don't yet know the side effects of the drug.

Judith got up off the floor.

Would you like us to leave?

I can't translate this sentence. It's too long.

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I told you it wasn't pointless.


I think she is sick. She has a temperature.

Five multiplies two equals ten.

Some boys are diligent, others are idle.

Which do you like better, spring or fall?

How do we reason with her?

I like my steak medium rare.

Jorge took the old dog out behind the barn and shot it.

Housewives may well complain about their daily routine.

All that New Age stuff is really weird.

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I just love happy endings.

He built an observatory to study the stars.

We still don't know why Pia isn't here.


May I ask a few questions?


Did you give it to her?

She will be back before long.

We're lost, aren't we?

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There are many sects in Hinduism.

They failed the exam.

Generally speaking, children like to play outdoors.

I'd like to speak French fluently.

Andre needed your help.

Venus is the second planet from the Sun.

Muscle tissue consists of innumerable cells.

I clapped him on the back.

Regarding clothing, he is hard to please.


She studied English as hard as she could.

Scot doesn't know what to do with all his money.

You aren't well.

They look happy today.

I watched from the garage window, amazed at what I saw.

They summed up the voting.

I'm ready for the challenge.


Those kids need our help.


He was the scion of a wealthy family.

I know why Hirotoshi doesn't want to do that.

There was absolutely no furniture in that room.

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He is junior to my brother by three years.

Could you give me my bank balance, please?

This is the first time I've gotten a real vibe off you.


Sal began fixing himself a drink.

We tend to err.

How many months along are you in your pregnancy?

I have a decision to make, and I don't know who to talk to about it.

Let's have our picture taken with the statue in the back, shall we?

Gordon gave Ernst the stability that she had never had.

Elliot's mother worries about his cough.


I never had any reason to doubt Stacy.


Don't believe anything she says.

I've let you down.

I stepped on something weird.

Don't go near Lana.

It's time for my break.

We have space for two beds.

Vickie told Nicholas she was fat and ugly.

I'd like to rent a car, please.

Brandi must've gotten over his cold.

He seems to be involved in that matter.

I always try my best.

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Don't let schooling interfere with your education.


Do you think Santa exists?

He was a general in the Second World War.

Ed didn't want to disturb Sugih so late at night, but it was an emergency.

He has a sharp eye for jewels.

Frances looked through the periscope.

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This area abounds in wild animals.

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Why did you want us to come here?

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He is very good at playing violin.

I'm feeling really good.

I love swimming.

Where was Drew when the fire broke out?

Did you expect something different to happen this time?


I'm going to miss you.

I cut my little finger peeling potatoes.

Jerald said that there was a monster under his bed.

I just fired him.

Nikolai told Reiner to have a nice day.


Alejandro was unable to restrain himself.

Ayumi's feet were fanned by the river wind.

Please consume within one to two days of opening.

She naturally sacrificed everything for the sake of raising her children.

Everyone here likes me.

"Literary composition is a great achievement that concerns the ruling of a state, a splendid affair of eternal standing".

Vidhyanath works at a call center.


The earthborn aren't accustomed to the lighter gravity on Mars.

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She married a bank clerk.

Debbie knew what was going on.

Nobody seems to have paid attention to what he said.

I spent 10 dollars on it.

Little babies' cheeks feel like velvet.

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The view from the mountain top was spectacular.

Nobody saw us leave the room.

I'm a student.


A family is the smallest unit of society.

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We got a flat.

Give me the cup of coffee!

I told him I was married.


I think we should do something.

Their claims were as follows.

Where are the crocodiles?

It's not a question of what I want. It's a question of what's best for everyone.

He will love her forever.

It is strange that he should have lost his way.

The doctor did a good job on my leg.

Can I get you a coffee?

It makes me feel too badly about you.

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Graham sits at his computer all day.

Piotr, you're supposed to be enjoying yourself!

I'm fine too.

Let's have a party for Nelken before he goes.

Every word counts.