Arrivederci Awesome Food

It is Wednesday and my last night in Italy

My flight leaves early tomorrow morning, so I am spending the night in a charming hotel near the Rome. airport.
The restaurant in the hotel is very good.  I will live it up because tomorrow I am back to Lean Cuisine.
I still have a lot of material ti post, so I will keep blogging when I am home

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Greek Theater



Luisa Derick, and Iand went to the Archeological Park which is on the mainland not far from Ortigia.  There is a cave called Orecchio di Dioniso (ear of Dioniso).  There is a great echo inside and if you whisper you can be heard outside.  One legend says that the Caesar enjoyed hearing the screams of prisoners


Then we went to the Greek Theater.  The stage is being renovated because there will be a revival of the great Greek plays.  It will be filmed so you might be able to see it later on RAI (Italian Television Station which can be seen in USA with subscription on Verizon or online.)









The nosebleed seats


I felt like I was in a jungle

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Luisa and Derick


Luisa and Derick


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Sign for the Ear of Dionisio

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Orecchio di Dioniso

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Church of Santa Lucia


Church of Santa Lucia.

The bones of Saint Lucia are contained in this church and silver statue of her is located in the Duomo in Ortigia.  Unfortunately, the statue is in storage, so these pictures are courtesy of

In December, about many people carry the very heavy statue in a procession from the Dumo in Ortigia to the Church of Santa Lucia.  The statue stays there four eight days about a week and there is another procession returning it to the Duomo.

Paintings of Santa Lucia usually show her with a plate containing here eyes.  One story is that the eyes were gouged when she refused to give up her faith.

60 men carry the statue.

Men carry the statue.

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There is a bookstore/cafe called Biblios.  It has a lot of places to sit and read while you drink tea or espresso.  The proprietor, also named Luisa, teaches Italian.  She invited me to try a conversation lesson that she has twice a week with Peter, the Brit who introduced me to Lucia.  I went twice and found it very helpful, but when I dropped by for the next session, Luisa said Peter is an advanced student and did not  appreciate having a beginner dilute the program.  I understand his point, especially since there is a fee for the lesson.

Luisa despairs that I will never become fluent in Italian. I can come up with the words but not quickly enough.  For most words, there is still a translation process fromimage my brain to my mouth or from the ear to the brain.  There are some phrases that continue to elude me no matter how much I practice.   Luisa probably thinks that I am not the brightest bulb in the pack.  Hey, I try!

But,  I think I am getting better.  I can understand small parts of overheard conversations.  I noticed that Italians don’t talk as fast as I thought they did, which I suppose is a tribute to understanding more.

I don’t always understand.  Yesterday Luisa and I were in the bar across the street.  My tote bag was on the floor. The barista moved a footrest over to me and said something to me in Italian and I thanked her and put my feet up.  Later, Luisa said  she was offering the stool for my tote bag.  Oh well.

Easter Sunday After Lunch – Back in Ortigia


Luisa jammin’ with the street band.

Later in the afternoon, I sat at a restaurant in Piazza Duomo (a plaza with a large church) and had a beer while just looking at people.  The Piazza is the center of the action in Ortigia.  Everyone was out with their families and smiling and laughing.




Mini Puppet Show

Young people hang out on the Duomo steps.

Young people hang out on the Duomo steps.



Music Everywhere

Everybody is just happy to be out in the beautiful weather.

Everybody is just happy to be out in the beautiful weather.

You can run but you can’t hide from The Mouse.

You can run but you can’t hide from The Mouse.


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There are various styles of restaurants.  Il restaurant is for formal dining, una trattoria is casual and il osteria is very casual. The typical Italian menu has L’antipasto     appetizers Il primo           first course — pasta, minestrone, risotto, or zuppa (soup). Il secondo       second course – carne (meat), pollo (chicken), game … 2043343025