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This case is well-documented.

She moved to Germany.

I want you to meet my friend, Maria.

There's no reason to panic... yet.

The train left the station on time.

You hate opera, don't you?

The lights automatically turn off.

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I'm cultured.


Starbuck has been at it all night.

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He was infuriated by what she said.

Is it true that illegal immigrants are taking jobs away from citizens who want them?

I left my umbrella on the bus.

You'll never guess where I've been all morning.

She speaks Spanish well.


The lost fishing boat made a safe return to harbour.

Come on, Shougo. You can do it.

As soon as the argument ended, I left the office forthwith.

That's all that matters.

Your friends have deserted you.


Carol yawned.

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It might be a long time before we meet again.

He dozed off even though he didn't want to.

The new shopping mall that opened last week closes at midnight every night.

Jennie suggested that I not buy a secondhand computer.

In Britain they call the subway the underground.

I've got a message for Roxana.

Ravindran tells me you're his girlfriend.


I have something or other to tell him.


Austria is one of the largest producers of electricity in Europe.


In my life I have been a negotiator for contracts.

It was more than that.

I have been satisfied with my work so far.

Factories have been urged to switch from coal to a cleaner fuel.

I use it every day.


He bought a double-barreled shotgun.


Jesper is driving the car into the garage.

Who could like this?

Please don't sit in this chair!

I think the socialist party will win.

Vishal seems to be sincere.

The little girl managed to keep silent, having been terrified by the lightning.

Munich is the capital of Bavaria.


John walked over the bridge and crossed the road.


You must be Alejandro's sister.

No one listens to me when I talk.

Please say hello to Mrs. Andreescu!


Let's start at once and have done with it.

I did not play tennis yesterday.

Three new stamps were issued last month.

I didn't let on to my parents that I got a C on the English test.

I've forgotten how to do that.


We don't have any food.


These screws need tightening.

Oliver is an audiophile.

Do you want to do something after work tonight?

Warren is caught between Scylla and Charybdis.

Come on, guys, let's hurry.


We are babies in his eyes.

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It was a fascinating story, and he told it well.

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Question: Is Cookie a dog or a cat? Answer: Neither.


I'm always surprised at the way he talks to girls.


The letters STEP stand for the Society for Testing English Proficiency.

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I will use general terms.


May I eat this hamburger?


The great politician passed away in 1963.


You have to be aggressive to be a success.

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Daren guessed how much Varda weighed.


Why didn't you answer the door?

You must come every six months for a check-up.

I only had three options.

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Corey didn't have much time so he just quickly scanned the report.


Recently I started smoking again.

How big an idiot do you think I am?

You deserve nothing but the best.

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The flowers are already out of bloom.

Do you want to play with us?

Herman does this every single time.

He fell in love with the admiral's daughter.

Sergiu drinks every day.

He would often work for hours without stopping.

The doctor bandaged the boy's injured leg.

The letter was written by Case.

Do you feel like going out for a drive in the country over the weekend?

You and I can work together.

Presley has been sick.


He was driven by revenge.

All you have to do is press the button.

What should we do about him?

I hope you'll be my friend.

Sharon's enthusiasm is infectious.

You'd better not talk back to Marlena.

You, what do you like to do?


Sabrina wants a sandwich.

Marvin hasn't talked to Manjeri in years.

I can come over to help, but not this Monday night.

That can't be helped.

Louise said that he wanted to learn French.

Let's see what this does.

She parked her car in a vacant lot.


Ranjit used to tell me stories about Australia.


When you are young and healthy, you can want to kill yourself on Monday and laugh again on Wednesday.

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Don't let him eat this.

She earns a living by selling her paintings.

Have lunch.

Bonnie will walk.

I don't see him often.


Feck off.

He brought me to school in a car.

We need some clues to understand it.

She liked to read about witchcraft.

A mirage sometimes shows up in Toyama Bay.

Tomorrow I'm going to Paris.

I was surprised at the sudden thunder.

A little learning is a dangerous thing.

I don't want to remember.

Japanese and British people usually wait at a bus stop in a queue.

Do you think I'd let that stop me?

Philip was smart about the way he planned everything out.

Look what I made.


No one would meet with Grant.

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Mohammad said he was appreciative.

Why hasn't anybody noticed this before?

Hurry up, and you can catch the train.

I made this chair.

Our teacher had us learn the poem by heart.

Sundaresan's real last name is Jackson.

Those two people start arguing whenever they meet.

You will find both of the books interesting.

He left just now.

I thought nothing could go wrong, but I was wrong.

The police identified Dan by his fingerprints.

I thought I saw Jarvis in the park.

John had a brilliant idea.

You can't depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.

You are old enough to stand on your own feet.


He is usually very vigilant concerning such matters.

Seenu is watering the garden.

Hsuan and Dewey quarreled.


She came up with a possible solution.

With most things there's both what you see and what's behind it.

Well, what are you looking for?


We'll speak to you later.

My mom's the greatest.

The bike I loved for many years was stolen.

The man is not young.

What is it that you wish?

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Has anybody been shot?


The gods forever graciously abide with you!


What's the time according to your watch?


He is having an affair with his secretary.

Some residents took a wait-and-see attitude while others prepared for heavy flooding.

Except for a few mistakes, his composition is perfect.

I do remember meeting you before.

How many hours do you plan to work next week?