Would you like to go out for a drink?

Reading is of great benefit.


Martha almost got away with it.


I suggest that you take a nap.

No language is as lovely as Japanese.

It's gotten dark.

I suppose you want to ask me where I was yesterday afternoon.

My friends prefer to travel by car than by plane.

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It turns out that they went to the cinema the day before yesterday.

Adlai can't afford to take a vacation now.

Let's use this car.

Seen from a spacecraft, the earth looks blue.

Dannie is starting to lose hope.


The letter informed her of his death.

You should have come. It was fun.

I'm a big fan of American cooking.


The coat has worn well.

Do you have any books written in French?

I don't think Heinrich is the right person for this particular job.


Please make up your mind once and for all.

Where was she born?

That just might happen.

Do I dare disturb the universe?

He wants that a lot.


The woman in white is a famous actress.


What the teacher said encouraged Jeany to study harder.


Presley is shocked.

I cannot possibly finish the work by tomorrow.

I am miming the manager.

We got up early so that we could see the sunrise.

I wonder if Narendra likes Chinese food.


We have to make sure Hui doesn't do that.

I thought it might be significant.

Do you still love her?

She shuddered with cold.

I learned that a long time ago.

I want to hear the whole story.

I need to go to the gym.

We just need thirty minutes.

I'll be with Suyog if you need me.

It's a weapon.

Debi cannot make mistakes.

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The services took place at the cemetery.

We all have a right to be happy.

I abhor violence.

I work at the post office.

I am repeating the answer.

Gerald let himself into the house with his key.

We don't get on well with each other.

Make it fairly alcoholic.

Since you made a mistake in your project, you have to start over from scratch.


Better alone than in bad company.


Is it a secret or something?

Intonation is very important. It can completely change the meaning.

I'll answer all your questions.

Good night. Have sweet dreams.

The ISS travels in orbit around the Earth at an average speed of 27,743.8 km/h , completing 15.7 orbits per day.

The Japanese used to live mainly on rice.

I think it means a lot to Wolfgang.

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They're fat.

We need paid family and sick leave.

I'll always be your friend.

This is extremely hard for me.

I told Andrea to leave me alone.

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Raja didn't answer the question directly.


If you're missing the forest for the trees then you're failing to see the big picture.


I'll show you how to catch fish.

I can sing this song without looking at the lyrics.

Don't talk to him.

Tommy has been dying his hair.

Don't interrupt me again.

Is know-it-all an insult or a compliment?

You talked to Graham, right?

Let's sit by the fireplace.

The tax agent allowed the deduction.

Lucifer can't say for sure how many times Tahsin has been to Boston.

Some doctors recommend that their patients take an aspirin a day.

The little boy struggled to free himself from the policeman.

I was at a loss as to what to do.

Debi said you'd phone me.

Thank you for the information.

I can't play guitar very well.

The teacher said to everyone: "Our wedding is starting now."

Kit asked his father if he could go to the movies.

The owners want you out of this house by next Monday.

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Heather is only pretending he's asleep.

It was the triumph of civilization over force.

I didn't know Manuel was married.


I buy silver from a man who owns a mine.


Dan doesn't have to go anywhere.

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He knows how to cheat people.


Giovanni paid no attention to Chris all afternoon.

Who do you think will do that?

Come on, hurry up! It's urgent.

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I'm too old for such things.

I wish I could sing as well as you do.

We're ready.

The city has a wonderful place to take a rest.

He was killed in the explosion.

We're sort of busy here.

Reinhard totaled his car.

Their friendship ripened into a deep love.

My idea is quite different from yours.

An apple is under the desk.

Were you here alone?


Vance sprained his ankle.


Curt hasn't been himself the last few days.

Dwayne got married last year.

Brian got his wisdom teeth out.

The late Mr Smith was a doctor.

We won hands down, because the other players were weak.

A shirt cropped above the waist is only for those with a chiseled midriff or an insouciance for the aesthetic opinion of others.

I thought you wanted to wait until Spy arrived.

I have an offer to make.

Norma and Leigh were on the same wavelength.


Are you planning on voting?

They're ugly.

It's happened again.

We'll give it a shot.

The trip will take about five hours.


What's Butler's dog's name?


How long has George lived here?


An average pride of lions will have approximately fifteen lions.

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I don't understand the questions that the teacher sets.

She says that she wants to speak with you.

They are faced with a multitude of stresses.

Rakhal drove Stephen back to her house.

Andrea admired his father and wanted to be like him when he grew up.

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We think Connie knows more about Julianto's death than he's willing to admit.


Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

The bag was too heavy for me to move.

Manolis remained silent for a while.

Doctors did everything they could to cure him.

How often does it rain here?

It's already 11 o'clock.

She was apt to accept different roles.

Is it true that your girlfriend is Japanese?

Mike ran very fast yesterday.


We must consider his youth.

If I thought I could get away with it, I wouldn't pay tax at all.

Excuse me for being late.

They strive constantly to improve customer relations.

This one belongs to us.

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Would you care for another glass of beer?


I'm so proud of you.

What'll Trying think of next?

Martin spends all his time thinking about sports.

You will always be in my heart.

They're beautiful.


She takes very good care of her clothes.

I don't like traveling all that much.

Did you enjoy the show?

I wish I could tell you who that is.

Mongo and his friends love to get together and play music.

I'll see you Saturday.

I want you to visit Canarsie

The accused made up a false story in the court.

Is it a wolf?

I can't remember when he moved to Boston.

Our dog buries its bones in the garden.

I want to make love with you.

I expect him to come along any day now.

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I know Ian can hardly wait.