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Would you give me a cup of coffee?


I'd like you to leave immediately.


He made good what he had promised to do.

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My money is running low.

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He was a poet and a diplomat.


Coleen broke a window in the classroom.

I hear there was an earthquake in Shizuoka.

My sister has made remarkable progress in English.


Make up your own mind.


I arrived here at eight this morning.


If you feel sick, you have to vomit?

I need to spend less time at work and more time with my family.

Morris is quite versatile, isn't he?

The soldier made light of his wounds.

Shall I tell them the truth?

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Goodbye! When you have more time, come back and play!

We're being audited.

Tai often wears a knit ski cap in the winter.


How was the ballet?

Kate doesn't like beer.

And Jesus and his disciples had also been invited to the wedding.


Does the price of the room include the service charges?


I'll ask him if he's going to come.


I don't have the answer.

It's my job to help Aaron.

What happened to your dog?

My father is now traveling abroad.

Where did he see action?

I met her one winter day.

Philip never drinks coffee in the afternoon.

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I'm going to scream.


Sorry, can you repeat your name?


But this is an issue to which we return later.

If it rains, we'll cancel the trip.

He explained it.

How dangerous are they?

I would like a glass of wine, please.


Think heard Terry gasp.

I don't know where I'm going to go.

Tell her what you mean.

Get in here!

I gave him a warning, to which he paid no attention.

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Claudio swept me off my feet.

Try to see the problem from her point of view.

You are a beautiful woman.

Lanny doesn't need to know.

Chet pretended to not hear a thing.

I think you're stylish.

I get a lot of questions, either by mail or by mouth, about some matter or another, and I often think that it's a shame not to publish the answers.

When I was in middle school, I had a friend in the track club who normally studied 3 hours a day. He didn't speed up the pace before tests. On the contrary, he didn't have any club activities and so had lot of free time, so before the test we would go to his house and play video games every day. If we hadn't done that, I would have gotten better grades too.

I will choose one.

It's in your hands, Amanda.

The radio is too loud. Can't you turn it down a little?


Randy didn't have to do that either.

This student is American.

I only buy toilet paper made from recycled paper.

Alberto isn't well enough to go to school today.

He is not the sharpest tool in the shed.

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This old book is worth 50,000 yen.


Svante bragged about it.


That book is familiar to all young children.

Ken plays soccer every day.

Everybody made for the door at the signal.

Give me something to write.

Is it cheaper to call after 9:00?


In India, people pass food at the dinner table with the right hand.


When did Moe come see you?


"O save my children!" shrieked the frantic mother, as she tried to rush into the burning pile.


Thanks for staying with Vinod.

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The lecturer would end up his speech with a joke.


I didn't invite Norman.

Kim's family often runs out of food near the end of the month.

He wrote about plants and trees.

We heard screams.

Smaller classes mean a higher standard of education, and that's what we want for our kids.

It's up to us to do it.

We need to save up money to buy a new car.

She brags about how well she can cook.

How many people do you think are in the audience?

Is this the key you are looking for?

She's a babe.

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She was naive.

We should get more information.

You have to organize your time.

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The chairperson cut me short.

I learned a lot from him.

All of your brothers and sisters are married. When are you going to get married?

She showed her guests how to eat what she had prepared.

Kuldip never told me that he knew how to speak French.


I wish you'd tell me how you did it.

Stefan is in really bad shape.

Val left earlier.


I thoroughly enjoyed the movie.


Contributors should add sentences that are respectful of others.

The doctor told her that she should take a rest.

You'd better check again.

I got sucked in on a lot of phony deals.

There are high walls about the town.

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I use the internet in the bathroom.

My favorite German band is Juli.

What is it that satisfies your aesthetic sense?

It will get warmer and warmer.

You talk fast.


Travis looks downcast.

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Jack is studying hard so that he can pass the exams.

We didn't need her for that.

What's not right?

Since Rusty is a bartender, he uses an ice pick every day at work.

You should think before you speak.

We sat down and hashed out all the details until we reached an agreement.

It's the same for everyone.

I'm not going to lie to you.

I'm younger than you.

The two children prepared to be bored.

What exactly is it?

Elijah was with us.

Sundar seemed particularly interested in that 1939 Gibson guitar we have hanging on the back wall of the shop.

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I am writing to you today so you don't start worrying about me unnecessarily.

It's something my sister never wanted to do.

Dad is a hard worker.

The only business of the head in the world is to bow a ceaseless obeisance to the heart.

We're going dancing today.


Can you get a day off?


You don't have to do anything you don't want to do.

I named the kitten Tama.

I have made many mistakes in my lifetime.


Some of us will be at your party.

Do the students sit in the auditorium?

Tammy would kill me if he knew I told you.

The air seems damp.

I heard something that grabbed my attention.

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Arthur is a person of interest in Takao's disappearance.

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What's your favorite ZZ Top song?

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Mosquitoes in Minnesota are as big as storks.


Everyone calls him Juha.


Sho wants them to suffer.

I ran a risk of advising her.

All I really need to know in life I learned in Tatoeba.

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I thought you'd never get here.

Why are Stevan and Tad hesitant?

If you do your best, no one will blame you.

You didn't eat much lunch, did you?

I can't stand hospitals.


I need a new extension cord like this one.

Give me a call when you get back.

I regret what happened to him.


I don't have to be here.

Kenneth won't eat.

I don't like the way Rob looks at Johan.

Don't waste your ammunition.

You will never get him to agree.