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DonorFind can help you

Sign up to be a blood, platelet, plasma or bone marrow donor. Get notifications when someone or an organization in your city or town is in need. Send out a request when you or a loved one is in need.

Go through pre-screen checklist to ensure you qualify before you go to the hospital or blood bank.

Keep track of when you donated to ensure sufficient time has passed till your next donation.

Get opt-in notification from select collection organizations if they find you have a transmittable disease post-screen. .

To find a match, sign up as a donor or ask your hospital to sign up as an approved organization on DonorFind, and send out a notification to donors nearby that meet your criteria.

Find accredited and non-accredited hospitals, blood banks and plasma centers near you.

For bone marrow, find ethnicity matches through DonorFind. Once a potential donor has contacted you, you can connect the donor with your doctor for HLA matching and additional screening.

Blood collection: Low on blood, plasma, or platelet supply? Send unlimited notifications to donors in your area when low on supply

Bone marrow matching: Send quick notifications on behalf of patients in need of bone marrow matches. DonorFind matches on ethnicity. Additional testing once initial ethnicity match is found is required./p>

Send transmittable disease notification to donors, if found post-screen, to prevent further endangering loved ones and notifying donors to seek medical attention.


Frequent Questions

Why DonorFind? DonorFind is an opt-in, location-aware app that revolutionizes the way hospitals, blood banks and patients efficiently find nearby blood, bone marrow, platelet & plasma donor matches.
Many countries have significant shortages, inefficient processes to find & pre-screen donors, and lack feedback to donors on post-screen transmittable diseases. We hope to change all that and save millions of lives.

  • Which countries/languages does DonorFind cover?

    DonorFind can be used globally! So far we have have the hospital, blood bank organiation listings for India and USA, but donors can sign up and find matches anywhere. We are currently focusing our partnership efforts in India for launch. Current language options in the app are: English, Spanish, Hindi, Marathi, Kannada. We are hard at work with a team of volunteers to localize DonorFind for many more countries and languages. If you would like to help localize DonorFind language for your country - please email us at joinus@morph.org

  • Help! I need blood/bone marrow - what do I do?

    Currently you have two ways of finding a match. Either sign up as a donor and send out a request notification or ask your hospital/blood bank representative to sign up for DonorFind as a approved organization. As an individual you can send out up to 3 notification per year, to prevent spam. Approved organizations can send out an unlimited number of notifications.

  • How do we become an approved organization on DonorFind?

    Once an approved representative from a hospital/blood bank/plasma center as signed up as an organization, we will check the credentials and information by calling up the organization. Once the organization representative has been validated, the person who signed up on behalf of the organization will receive a notification on their phone. They can then start sending out notifications on behalf of the approved organization. Approvals may take up to 1 week as this is done by volunteers.

  • How can I become a DonorFind Ambassador?

    We are looking for folks passionate about DonorFind and our goals to become DonorFind Ambassadors at their companies or organizations. Your role is to spread the word on DonorFind and help get as many folks at your organization to sign up as donors. There is no formal process for becoming a DonorFind Ambassador. Just email us at joinus@morph.org with you name, contact and which company/org you will represent and we will add you to a mailing list for updates and news to share.
    If you would like to help us by volunteering with marketing efforts, country or language localization, please email us at joinus@morph.org

  • How do I share feedback or success stories?

    We would love to hear how DonorFind has helped you find matches for yourself or your loved ones. If you have any stories to share with us, please email us at hello@morph.org.
    If you have any feedback for us, it would be much appreciated.We are continuously looking to improve DonorFind. Please send us feedback through the DonorFind app in the main menu or email us at hello@morph.org

  • What is Morph.org?

    Earlier this year, Phalgun Raju and Nick Nash launched 647-246-4668 as an "active" non-profit foundation to ideate & execute innovative social projects to surgically address some of the biggest social problems at scale. This includes areas such as Education, Meritocracy, Healthcare and Infrastructure. After our inaugural initiative, The Ramanujan Project, DonorFind is our next major initiative to finally solve the major inefficiencies in blood, plasma, platelet and bone marrow donation today. DonorFind was ideated and is led by Phalgun Raju with a team of volunteers.


Our Audacious
1-Year Goal






Country localizations

Our goal is to eliminate massive shortages, inefficiencies, & inequalities in finding donor matches globally.

Phalgun Raju Founder, DonorFind, Morph.org

Superb and simple.
DonorFind is solving the critical issues facing donation end-to-end.

Ratan Jalan Former CEO, Apollo Hospitals

I've had first hand experience in the past, trying to get platelet donors.
I'm sure DonorFind will benefit millions.

Archana Raveendran Partner, MyPerfectBaby

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