Jonesborough TN

Exercise caution when traveling through Jonesborough Tennessee on US Highway 11E. 

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WARNING!!! Jonesborough has unmanned traffic cameras located at several intersections and has issued citations from them for speeding, speeding in a school zone, turning LEFT on RED, and crossing the line into the intersection on RED. 

Be vigilant when turning left at those intersections on 11E because they will send you an extortion letter if you cross that line and the turn signal light is red.

Jonesborough police are also issue tickets on a regular basis and have favorite hangouts.  DO NOT IGNORE any citation issued in person by a law enforcement officer.

The information on this website is from the Tennessee Code Annotated section covering Unmanned Traffic Cameras and it applies to other towns and cities in Tennessee that have the unmanned photo enforcement cameras and not just Jonesborough.  This includes Bluff City,  Kingsport, Johnson City, Morristown, Mount Carmel, Knoxville and other Tennessee Cities.  Download Traffic Camera POI data for your GPS to help protect yourself from receiving one of these citations to notify you of their locations.