Auto Surf Traffic Exchange

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Auto Surf Traffic Exchange


Fully Automated Web Site Traffic
Simply auto surf 2 web sites that belong to our members and in return you will receive 1 visit to one of your web site (2:1 surf ratio).


Automatic Web Site Traffic


Surf More Sites Get More Traffic
The more sites you auto surf the more traffic your web sites will receive. want to know more check out the ICE Hitz Auto Surf FAQ.

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1000 Free Web Site Hits


1000 Bonus Auto Surf Credits.
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Auto Surf For Easy Web Site Traffic

Our fast 10 second auto surf timer makes earning autosurf credits easy. Auto surf credits can be earnt by surfing using a 2:1 surf ratio, that means for every 2 web sites you view you will earn one autosurf credit that will be assigned to one of your active sites. While you surf for credits keep an eye out for the bonus autosurf credit links on the surf bar click and win Instant credits.