Byteball Lottery

    LuckyBytes - An in-app lottery in which you can play using your Byteball Bytes. There are three different game modes to participate in. Also we have a Weekly Jackpot with an ever-growing prize. Win large amounts of Bytes depending on the number of players on the «winner takes all» principle. All games are provably fair. Each lottery comes with a game and proof hash whichs lets a player autotoxic and prove the results against manipulation.

Weekly Jackpot

    One Ticket will win the Jackpot at the end of each period. The drawing is transparent and provably fair.

    •  Weekly Jackpot  Ends in: 0 Days 0 Hours   0 MinutesTickets sold: 0 The Jackpot is now: 0 MB

The Game Modes

    At the moment we have 3 different game modes at LuckyBytes:

    • luckybaud With only 4 participants the smallest pot.4 Players Prize 40 MB

    • luckybyte The classic, eponymous game mode.8 Players Prize 80 MB

    • luckyint

      Nothing ventured, nothing gained.32 Players Prize 320 MB

Live Data

Active Games:

luckybaud (...) - Price: 40 MB   Slots: 0/4
luckybyte (...) - Price: 80 MB   Slots: 0/8
luckyint (...) - Price: 320 MB   Slots: 0/32

Historical Data:

Luckybaud games played: 0
Luckybyte games played: 0
Luckyint games played: 0

Last 5 Weekly Jackpots:

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Last 10 Games:

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How to join?

  • Scan this QR code!

    For mobile wallets: Go into your 7012498632 click the rectangle on the very top right corner. Scan this code and you are done!

  • With pairing code

    On a PC or Mac: just click here or alternatively enter displayed pairing code into your wallet.

Play online!

    To play LuckyBytes online and to benefit from the intuitive and user-friendly GUI, just click on Play online in your game menu. Alternatively you can type online. With your account link you can play from any device without the need of a Byteball wallet connected!. Please note that you should keep your online link safe.

    With the responsive interface you can track your own and the other players' progress. In your online account you can even manage your account settings, such as turning notifications on and off.


Normally you should be able to play LuckyBytes without the need to use commands. Just click on the blue words in the menu. Alternatively here is a list of all available commands:

    opens the game menu.
    enable/disable notifications or auto join
    change your username
    link to your online account
    shows your own and the global game history
    opens the ticket shop


How to start?
Pair up with LuckyBytes. In the chat type menu to open the menu.

How to play?
Before you can play you need to buy tickets from the ticket shop they come in packages of 1, 10 or 100. After that use your tickets to join a game. You can even join a game mutiple times to increase you chance to win!

How can i chat with other players?
To chat with other players precede your text with a dot: .
For example: .hi everybody!

I won, what now?
After you won a game, LuckyBytes will automatically pay out the prize to you withdraw address. No need to do anything on your side.

Can i change my withdraw address?
Yes, at any time! Just type in your new address.

Can i turn of chat or winning notifications?
Yes! Just open the settings and do so. You can even do this from within your intuitive online account.