The Computer Vision Centre (CVC) group on Visual Interaction (VI-CVC) is a multidisciplinary group comprised by researchers, artists and engineers, interested in the latest aspects of research in the area of visual interaction with digital contents. The perspective of the group is based on how Computer Vision and Machine Learning can contribute in novel paradigms of interaction in the are of visual art and culture. The main lines of work are related to the implementation of real-time working applications.

The Group’s current projects are divided into two complementary areas, namely: basic research on Computer Vision methods and oriented research projects in real creative installations.

Basic and Oriented Research Technology transfer
  • Eye-tracking and head tracking
  • Image processing and segmentation
  • Feature detection and description
  • Appearance and Perceptual modelling
  • CV Apps for Mobile devices for real time applications
The main characteristics of the projects in which the VI-CVC group is involved imply constraints related to real-time functioning and robust performance in which Human-Computer Interaction, and particularly Gaze Interaction, and all the interface tacking profit of the triggers of visual attention . These solutions have been implemented in a multidisciplinary framework for creative and artistic installations.
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