One way to get some scare on Halloween this year is take advantage of the many happenings that take place in Salem Mass. Salem offers up some pretty cool stuff that can make for a nice vacation package in a place that is full of museums. Attractions and haunted houses. Salem is noted for its […]


Halloween is a fun holiday for students and also a great theme for drama and language arts activities. Here is a fun drama activity to play with a group of kids of any size. This zany game celebrates this spooky holiday while helping kids use their voices creatively. How to Play this Halloween Drama Game […]

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Though it may seem silly to go over safety tips for adults, a lot of these are often forgotten, and that can ruin a perfectly good Halloween outing. Pay Attention to Halloween Costume Accessories This is incredibly important. Policemen/women, gangsters, cowboys/girls, movie characters; all are popular places to go for Halloween costumes. Unfortunately, all are […]

Halloween Costume Ideas Inspired By New Movies

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Whether you’re looking for authenticity in replicating a character or taking your own unique spin this Halloween, you can find a wide selection of ready-made costumes, props, and makeup at retail stores, party stores, and Halloween outlets. Look for Details About the Character If you prefer a one-of-a-kind fashion flare that also saves some money, […]

Where to Buy Gourmet Chocolate Halloween Candy: Find the Best Halloween Chocolate Candy and Gourmet Candy Treats

Halloween party organizers who want to delight kids with chocolate gourmet treats could serve regular gourmet chocolate treats that can be found at most grocery stores, like Ghiradelli chocolate squares or Russell Stover assorted chocolates with spooky Halloween theming on the packaging or like Lindt Lindor Truffles (gourmet chocolate truffles) in limited edition flavors for […]

Halloween costumes: Last minute costumes


Toddlers are the easiest. Purchase about a 1-1 1/2 yard of fur. (Blue for cookie monster, red for Elmo, Green for Oscar the grouch) Take a sleeper pajama that currently fits and lay it out flat on the fur folded in half. Leaving about a 1-2 inch seam allowance, cut all the way around the […]