Asystguard an Apogee Global Product

We are a Next Generation Technology company with focus on Security Products , Solutions & Consulting Services.

Our Asystguard Internet Security Suite is designed to offer end-users the best in class software security available to the public. Your files, personal information, pictures and precious memories will be safe, with Asystguard quietly working in the background to protect you while you surf.


Asystguard delivers a suite of advanced system protection tools and optimizations to improve your computer’s security, safety and speed. With Asystguard’s antivirus database and efficient scanning engine, you’ll feel confident while you surf the web. A host of value added features is included in the suite, along with the traditional security features people expect from a premium antivirus solution. A comprehensive and complete solution for both consumers and businesses offers the best in class security and protection available on the market.

Our Enterprise Security  solutions provide  Products & Services  for SMB & Corporate customers. Our range of products covers Enterprise Firewall,DNS Manager, &  Gateway security .

We also offer Cyber Security Consulting Services to provide spectrum of services tailored to individual needs covering Cyber Security Audits[ Conformance & Compliance], Threat Intelligence and Advanced Persistence Threat [APT] management solutions.