Business initiatives don’t fail for lack of financial analysis

When a major business initiative – launching a new product, acquisition/merger, entering a new market, starting a new branding/positioning campaign, mounting a competitive response, etc. – fails it is rarely because the numbers didn’t work or financial risk wasn’t properly assessed. If education, training and professional certifications are a guide, we can assume that financial […]

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An interview with attorney Ty Beard

Ty Beard is a practicing attorney with a very different approach to deal-making, negotiations and the practice of business law. He’s a former history teacher and a military history buff, and came to war gaming as a youth in the 1970s. In this discussion he shares his insight and perspective on how war gaming as […]

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Soren Malmborg is founder and CEO of Copenhagen-based Outcome Business War Games – a consulting firm dedicated to improving negotiation performance through the use of business war gaming. In this 45-minute conversation with Malmborg and my co-host Sean Murphy you will find:


What not to do – a conversation with Sean Murphy

Here is a conversation I had with my colleague Sean Murphy a few days ago. Some of it is tongue-in-cheek but there are real lessons here based on what I’ve seen people do in my 20 years of working inside large and medium corporations. It really comes down to these ideas:

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How important is using your sales force for competitive intelligence?

Recently McKinsey & Company published an article titled How B2B companies talk past their customers. The article is based on research McKinsey did analyzing the advertising/marketing themes consistently used by major corporations and comparing them with survey results from executives on what the executives consider important in “brand strength.” I've posted an article on the […]

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Here is a link to a good description of Discussion vs Dialogue. I found this via the DialogueMapping Yahoo! Group mail list. There are a number of good tips in the article (provided by The Henderson Group) so you should have a look at the link, but here is the description provided at the end: […]

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Today I attended an Intelligence Collaborative webinar by Fred Wergeles (pronounced wur’-guh-lees) on Competitor Response Modeling. Fred did an outstanding job. This is the first time I’ve heard him speak. He presented a simple, four-step process and a four-part framework for finding the necessary information. I really like this approach. This is the kind of […]

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Click this link if video player does not open. No. 3 in the Getting Started series. This article is a transcript (with slides) of the video. If you’re a manager or executive then you earn your paycheck by making decisions. Most of us believe we’re good, if not excellent, decision makers. We base this assessment […]


Should you be monitoring external forces for your business?

Click this link to view video if player does not load. No. 2 in the Getting Started Series. This article is a transcript (with slides) of the video. One of the fundamentals of Competitive Thinking is to only spend resources – time, effort, money – on things that are relevant to your business. This may […]

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Is it Complex or Complicated?

The words complex and complicated are often used interchangeably. Both refer to things with lots of parts, and both can refer to things that are difficult to understand. But in Competitive Thinking we use the words differently, and the different meanings are important. Complicated We rely on complicated systems every day, for some of our […]