Dimetry doesn't usually wear a hat.

I'll get used to it sooner or later.

I hope I haven't woken you up.

I miss my boyfriend so much!


I'll deal with this problem later.

Are you sure you're ready to do this?

Is it okay with you?

When did your family arrive in Boston?

She cared for her sick father.


Gabriel is in his office sitting at his computer.

I could care less.

Mike is one of our brains.

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We must always try to help others.

I saw him run away.

This child solved the complicated mathematics problem easily.


I can't believe Maarten and Mitch have been together for ten years.


Wow, this is different.


I'm chubby.


I've never seen a bird like that, before or since.


Have you ever spoken to Eddy in French?

No one shall be held in slavery or servitude; slavery and the slave trade shall be prohibited in all their forms.

The benefit of being a consulting detective is that I can pick and choose my clients.


I can appreciate that.

The instructor advised me to get exercise every day.

I had to make sure you were OK.

I take pictures of a lot of things.

It's hard to love two when you don't know whether the two love you as much as you love both.


What should I do today?

I don't attend more often, not because I'm not interested, but because I can't find the time.

We import grain from Canada every year.

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The nurse gave Ninja a flu shot.

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Tuna is quite poor.


I'm fine, thanks for asking!

Germania is a cold land.

It's not so little.

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Erik and Pitawas walked home together.

They are the boys of the parish.

It's a pleasure.

I've been subpoenaed.

May I know you?

I hear from him once a month.

I've been staying at my younger brother's house on Park Street.

The Doctor travels through all space and time.

Christophe spent all afternoon cleaning his room.

Claire was born and raised in Ohio.

The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.

Sekar says he didn't know what to do.

Are we a dream in the mind of a deity, or is each of us a separate dreamer, evoking his own reality?


Always look on the bright side of life.

She was afraid to travel alone.

The children were playing in the driveway.

Can you imagine what'll happen if Klaudia sees you?

I don't feel like doing it.

I wonder why Larry isn't here yet.

I can sell anybody anything.

The next one's on me.

They live in a sunny house.

I ate on the bus.

Are we gonna talk about this or not?

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This doesn't make sense.


You're in good company.

See you tomorrow morning.

Send her up.

Are you planning on staying in Boston for a long time?

My grandfather doesn't drive anymore.


War maims people, not only physically but also mentally.

You have to keep your promise.

I hear he is ill.

Let's not lose our patience.

You are good to help me.


Cory leaned over and kissed Aimee on the cheek.

He doesn't know Kazakh language.

The water from this river runs into the sea.

Are you satisfied with the result?

I want to drink a cup of tea.

Can a cup of tea remedy anything?

There are only 28 days in February.

Obviously, it's time to leave.

People were stunned when the who's who of hardcore basket weaving suddenly appeared to challenge the team to a sushi battle!

Let me know your new address.

Joanne is playing outside with his son.

I don't know the Latin language.

Unlike 'weasel', the Proto-Germanic ancestor of the word 'stoat' has not been established.

The small business man failed and his business went down for the count.

There's a lovely park in the centre of the town.

Do you think I will forgive you?

His remark put me out of countenance.

Matt told Theo to pull over.

We are always moving with the earth.


He put away his cellphone when he was in town.

Here are a few reasons.

I'm uneasy about donating blood.

Should we go back?

I think your eyes are so beautiful.

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Did you understand any of that?


I neither heard nor saw anything.


Lorraine isn't eating an apple.


What would she have said?


Her sewing basket, dresser drawers and pantry shelves are all systematically arranged in apple-pie order.

This house is my grandfather's.

Nou had trouble swallowing the pills.

How did Lynn find out where I live?

Ignorance and error are necessary to life, like bread and water.

She has great hate for dogs.

Is that all you have to say?

Did Martin say anything else about me?

What do you usually do on Mondays?


He left here a few days ago.

The boy trotted to his father's side.

He picked her at random.


You're married now.

He sat reading a book.

I'm the supervisor.


You need to focus on your strengths.


It had to happen somewhere.

I really appreciate your willingness to testify.

Don't let Sabrina do that again.

People used to live in villages.

I'm pretty sure it's not going to rain today.

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I understood one.

I ate a large pizza with a friend an hour ago.

Neil and her husband received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1903.

How many times am I supposed to give you the benefit of the doubt?

He is good at solving complicated mathematical problems.

That stomachache made me sweat.

Mother made a new piece of clothing.

Doug was wearing a red and white dress.

The Japanese people, thinking only of running away in such times, are pathetic.

I thought I'd ask them for help.

Do you work here?

Not one was left alive.

He painted an image he had during meditation last night.

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Billy backed everything up on an external hard drive.

You've made a horrible mistake.

Japanese office workers work very hard.

I'll just cross that bridge when I come to it.

Naim hasn't been fired.


We could not get at his meaning.

He became irritated.

Don't touch what isn't yours.


I'm pretty busy here.

What are you expecting for the new year?

Not everything Leigh said was true.


I like watching movies.


Ralph and I just got engaged.

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Three soldiers who came back from the war are renting a house at the edge of a small town on the shore of the Inland Sea and live together.

You must have thought of something.

I'm going to find her.

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I'm so wasted.

It didn't take you long to get here, did it?

Because of the storm, we weren't able to arrive at the appointed time.


Why can't you come?

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Joanne slowed down.

Vilhelm tightened the nuts.

I was sacked yesterday.

It is contrary to the morals.

Your end is near.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

There is a shopping district underground.

After we had sex, I fell asleep with my head lying on her stomach.

Her car overtook ours.