Shivani Y, Subhash Y, Tushar L, Sasikala Ch, Ramana ChV. Spirochaeta lutea sp. nov., isolated from marine habitats and emended description of the genus Spirochaeta. Syst Appl Microbiol. 2015;38(2):110-4. Metagenome analysis of forty samples indicated a rich diversity of free living spirochaetes among Indian habitats. Only 2-3% of the total bacterial diversity was represented by spirochaetes with five distinct phylogenetic OTUs. A strain (JC230(T)) was brought to cultivation and its 16S rRNA gene sequence showed highest sequence similarity with that of Spirochaeta asiatica Z-7591(T) (90.78%). Genome sequence analysis of strain JC230(T) indi... [more]
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Scope: Monoisolate
Material: Genome
Capture: Whole
Method Type: Sequencing
Submitter: Genome Reference Consortium