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Welcome to Carefree Pet!

Because your pets deserve to be carefree For over ten years, our online natural pet store has served our customers the optimal premium holistic dog foods, natural cat foods, dog vitamins, and a wide ranging assortment of targeted natural pet health care products. Our selection of natural pet care products incorporate the practices of pet homeopathy, holistic pet care, pet herbal remedies, and variety of supplementary natural pet health philosophies that promote the overall health and wellness of your dog, cat, or horse.

The Carefree Pet specializes in natural pet care products including premium natural dog food, supplements, vitamins, holistic cat foods, horse vitamin supplements and a wide variety of natural pet health supplies.

It is our pleasure to supply pet parents with the finest premium natural pet supplies on the market!

Featured Item
For Dogs

Lifestyle Dog Food: Lamb Formula
Azmira's Lifestyle Dog Food: Lamb Formula is a premium dog food that uses Grade A, human grade, whole muscle meat and Grade One grains.
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Featured Item
For Cats

Zoomin Catnip
Zoomin Catnip is wild crafted, pesticide-free catnip that provides fun and emotional wellbeing for your cat.
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Featured Item
For Horses

Yucca Intensive
Natural Steroid Alternative! Azmira's Yucca Intensive reduces pain and inflammation as well as steroids, bute and aspirin without gastric side-effects.
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