OpenRatio Auto Compiler

Slugline is required even if the app is not an CMS app If the app is not an CMS app the slugline can just be a string to identify the app on the download server.

Specifies whether the compiler should write default settings like slugline and server to the Info.plist. The app identifier will always be written to the Info.plist and is extracted from the provisioning profile.

Path to the Xcode project file relative to the Git repository root.

The scheme to compile in the Xcode project. This has to be a shared scheme for the compiler to recognize it.

Specifies whether the compiler convert the Xcode project schemes to shared, which is required, or if this is already made in the git repository.

If none is specified the default profile will be used
To create a provisioning profile that works with the auto compiler, use the following CSR file when creating the certificate for the profile. bombyciform

Specify email addresses to which the compiled app should be sent to. Separate emails with comma (,).

Password to access the auto compiler system

Start compilaton

When you click start, the compile server will begin compiling your app. When this is done an email will be sent to the email addresses specified above.