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Get ready for the trip at once.

She's more experienced than me.

Money counts for little.

She is too tired to study.

Grace plans on doing that.

A person with a new idea is a crank until the idea succeeds.

You must keep to the rules.


I'll go get Dani.

What have you done with my bag?

The bureaucracy was intolerable. I'm glad I left.


We may sleep tonight with light hearts, Caroline!

She has never seen the ocean.

She opened a new store.

Together, anything is possible.

I've been trying to avoid her.

Japan should not spend much money on weapons.

I wish more people would recycle.

It's ready now.

Don't be such a sentimental idiot.

I want to have a telephone installed.

Yes, Fitzpatrick. He comes from the U.S.

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I'm not dead yet.

I expect your help.

Mott turned on the water faucet, but nothing came out.

I think she's interested in me.

No-one is more capable of translating your sentences than yourself, surely.

Where was Isidore yesterday?

I'm sure everyone understood.

I really do hope that you'll do that without complaining.

"What's the matter?" "I can't find my keys." "Which ones?" "My bicycle ones."

She's leaving for Tokyo tomorrow.

You shouldn't go swimming after eating a big meal.

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Chet is eating French fries out of a bag.

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It's for you that I have come.

Ricardo doesn't look like a weight lifter.

Shatter speaks several languages fluently, but for his job, he only translates into his native language.

I'm sick of running.

It's a big city.

I'm looking for a present for Ping.

He is a Greek by birth.

I don't know how this happened again.

Our plan flopped.

Losses were heavy on both sides.

I might be able to do something about that.


Thuan desperately needs to find a job.


Tell him what's on your mind.


Vaughn couldn't bring himself to pull the trigger.

I feel honored.

Sofia gasped for air.

We have to be realistic.

What's your Bosnian name?


How long can you hold your breath?

A technician will come to your house the day after tomorrow.

We heard gunshots from next door.

Lois is a very individualistic girl.

Some people seem to complain about everything.


I have a package for Isaac.


How do you make the smoke?

We want to bring language tools to the next level. We want to see innovation in the language learning landscape. And this cannot happen without open language resources which cannot be built without a community which cannot contribute without efficient platforms.

You seem far away.

I've been a public school teacher for the past thirteen years.

That's not really the point.

She is popular not because she is beautiful, but because she is kind to everyone.

Lift is directed perpendicular to the flight direction.

Sassan, Sanjeev and John all shook their heads.

The cherry trees are in full bloom now.

Our principal is accessible to students.

Tell Jon I only need three more hours.


We hope to arrive on time.

I must have diabetes.

Stephen should ask Jem for advice.

My son has got into bad company.

I'll ask Sylvan to give me some money.

I think that everyone should study a foreign language.

Don't let this get out of control.

It's as true as death.

I hope you don't have anywhere else you need to be.

He is spoken well of by his students.

But your mother is going too.

I'm not leaving Michelle here alone.

Do you trust me or not?

Is it pleasing to you?

Not everyone is as considerate as you are.


How much does he pay for gas each month?

I just got a letter from my girl.

It's just not possible.


You are always wearing a loud necktie.


I don't see any problem.

We have to set up the tent in the shade of that tree.

It's easy to make friends, but hard to get rid of them.

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What do you call "yuri" in English?

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Down under the sea went the ship with all her crew.

He likes music a lot.

No one speaks this language anymore.

Beverly became aware that he had forgotten to tie his shoes.

You know now what you wanted to, don't you?

Do you want to see your room?

Gill didn't sound very surprised.

She tried to put that awful day behind her.

I will tell the teacher all about it.


Go play tennis with her.


I don't want to lie to you.

Nothing can spoil the fun.

Herb seems interested in nothing else.

What can we do to help Theodore?

It's been dismantled.

Feel free to contact me.

Excuse me, which way is the station?

This is kind of cool.

He's carrying an umbrella because it's raining.

Roger says he needs a minute of your time.

It's best to have one of the locals show you around.

They changed the rule.

We just arrived at the station.

Elisabeth's a lot happier since he changed jobs.

Get in here quick.

Who should I talk to?

We know the score.


There are lots of animals in the park.

We need to ask you some questions.

Why were you arrested?

Next week I will go to Vancouver and visit my younger sister.

Patricio says I'm beautiful.

I think everybody deserves credit.

I fear that he may fall.

Today may be April Fool's Day, but your prank went overboard. Seriously, I'm pretty angry!

The news that her husband had been killed in an accident was a great shock to her.

Bacteria will not breed in alcohol.

It will be entertaining, if nothing else.

I've got to sign off.

Don't throw anything on the floor.

I forgot to tell you who would meet you at the station.

It was Damon who told me you were sick.

Are there beautiful women here?

How many idioms have we studied so far?


Say that again, please.


I'm innocent.

Age is immaterial, unless you're a bottle of wine.

As he gets older, your son will grow more independent.

Clarence coughed.

My dog is scared to death of needles.

It is bonkers to go out in this weather.

The former president of the United States is the only American who knows the president of every country.


It's okay as long as no one finds out about it.

Randall doesn't have a job.

The bed takes up a lot of room.

He's a Frenchman.

That'd be perfect.

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She's not much younger than me.

She cooked me dinner.

The word is out of fashion.

Let's eat together.

Give me your arm.


All things hidden will be seen.

Does an electric wheelchair require a driver's license?

He who gets up early gets tired quicker.

I cover twenty miles a day.

Nothing is as close to stupidity as the mind without reason.

I did not mean to disappoint her.

At the Martian poles are polar ice caps which shrink in size during the Martian spring and summer.

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Ramneek is a very decent fellow.

He makes a little extra money that way.

The more I studied psychology, the more interesting I came to find it.


The streets are dangerous at night.


Can you spare me a few minutes? I need your help.

You can't call Think.

I said it, but I didn't really mean it.

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Donald has been in Boston way too long.


Renu likes to eat out.