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Anusandhan Technology Solutions is a Professionally Managed Technology firm based in New Delhi, India, specialized in providing Artificial Intelligence based solutions for home and businesses. Whether you’re looking for IT solutions, energy solutions or security solutions, we are one stop solution provider for all.

Our longstanding history and groundbreaking methodologies have propelled our success in providing the IA solutions, Security Solutions, Audio solutions, Fire alarm solutions and home automations etc.

We understand that an effective partnership takes more than hard work. It necessitates making the right connections. Realizing that time is our most valuable commodity, we get that knowing the right people in the right places and knowing how to skillfully market one’s knowledge, skills and abilites to decision makers – is essential to progressing and creating a successful engagement that is rewarding for all involved.

We at ATS can assure you the best services and quality at all time by using latest Technologies.

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It's crucial for financial systems to have sound security measures in place.With criminals finding new ways to get into security systems, it is vital that solutions should be reliable


School and university managers face an enormous responsibility with increasing pressure to strengthen campus safety nowadays with increasing crime rates.


Security and safety at health care facilities are important for both quality of the hospital and public safety. Of course, Hospitals and Clinics are a safe haven for those in physical


This segment of the business is the most vulnerable of them all to theft and criminal activities.Anusandhan Technology Solutions make sure that it doesn't remain vulnerable

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Surveillance in the city is important for ensuring the safety and security of its citizens and putting a stop on crime.By choosing an integrated, digital surveillance system

Real Estate

We at Anusandhan Technology Solutions provide safety and surveillance to construction sites. So that the work doesn't get hampered and gets completed on time.


It's evident around the world about the importance of surveillance in the transport sector. With high definition images, both in real-time and recordings,

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