• Bringing all stakeholders in the development ecosystem to single platform


  • Be a catalyst for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals for the state of Telangana by 2030
  • Develop and execute a framework for partnerships between various agents as per sustainable development goal number 17
  • Identify, review, support and audit local implementation agencies for sustainable development
  • Attract, mobilise and incentivise financial investments into inclusive and sustainable development projects from local, national and international organisations
  • Promote knowledge and expertise sharing for capacity building of implementation agencies
  • Operationalise the use of technology, science and innovation to enable innovative sustainable development projects
  • Measure the effectiveness of this multi-stakeholder partnership and use the information to create policies that enable financial, social, trade and technological development


  • To build an inclusive ecosystem of government bodies, private sector companies, social impact organisations and citizens of Telangana, with a shared goal of mobilising resources for the development of people, community and the environment.


  • To leverage public data from across the stakeholders combined with frequent one-on-one and group engagements with the industry, government and implementing partners. A high-level panel will also be set up under whose guidance we will be screening and acknowledging the most active and impactful CSRs annually. The strategy is simple - to motivate collaborations for maximising the impact of CSR investments in the state.
JAyesh Ranjan

We are thrilled at the response from few corporate leaders for joining the initiative and we hope to see many more industry partners onboard soon

Sri Jayesh Ranjan - Principal Secretary IT, E&C, I&C , IAS'

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