He has a kind heart.

Sharon caught Kristen secretly watching soap operas at night.

It is not clear whether Lander intended to alter Emmet's style from the beginning.

Pay attention to what he says.

With regard to the style this car is best.

Eli has some very good news.

He finished college last year.

Let's sit on the bench.

It wasn't easy for Clay to tell Mike what she needed to hear.


He already intends to go to the sea.

Golden guns don't protect you from bullets.

Sometimes I stay three hours in Tatoeba.

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He was becoming forgetful, which bothered him a lot.


Sridharan loved it.

Leora didn't have enough money to take a taxi.

How much bus stops are to center?

I'm counting on you to help me out.

He's considering becoming a sailor.

Monday's not good.

They've helped the needy.

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I promised your mother I'd look after you.


Did Cory tell you about the party tonight?


If you don't want to go to that party, you don't have to.


You can't deny him anything.

Esperanto is a useful language.

My muscular strength has weakened from lack of exercise.

Rafik can't very well turn his back on Bradley now.

The scientists assembled dozens of temperature records from multiple studies, including data from sediment cores drilled in lake bottoms and sea floors, and from ice cores.

We'd like you to finish the job by the end of this week by all means.

Could you fill me in?

I saw Spyros running down the street.

It's time for a change.

What kind of question is that, Susanne?

Most people think that quitting smoking is a hard thing to do.

Jeffrey won't want to leave town until his mother is feeling better.

What a surprise to meet you here!

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The sight made my blood freeze.

May I talk to you for a minute?

My brother is as tall as me.

There is a dense population of young people around here.

Our little boy is growing up.

He doesn't have to go to school.

I understand you're visiting from America.

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This should be reverted back to the original.


Can you help me out of my trouble?

My grandmother said "After rain follws sunshine." She was always optimistic.

We probably should've gone to Christie's party.


Who did you have in mind when you made those remarks?


It will be dark soon.


She insisted on helping me.

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I'm working on his car.

We've bought ourselves a little more time.

This question is closely related to that one.

Konrad is surprised.

He did the work on his own.

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We'll all miss you, Claire.

Yes, I speak Spanish.

He hit me, not her.


Tricia told the dog to stay.


Exactly what method did you use to improve your Mandarin in such a short space of time?

I work hard at a hotel every day.

You're my hero.

It will not add anything to the situation.

My time is expensive because time is the most precious thing we have. But for learning languages, I always have the time. Because with each new word we learn, our world becomes a tad more interesting.

I'm certain.

That's what we need to do.

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I think that this work is tiring.

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Some say that he was a musician in his youth.

His new book did not come up to our expectations.

There is nothing like the dull thud of nylon on nylon.

He makes himself agreeable to everybody.

This dream will come true.

That camera over there is mine.

You promised to leave me alone.

We certainly should've won.

There was a cherry tree growing in the garden.

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I'm happy because I am not a woman.

Men are sometimes violent.

This is the first time I've ever dreamt about Marika.

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Dirk can't keep doing this to me.

John grew up to be a great artist.

Terri survived the accident relatively unscathed.

I tried to get hold of you.

We did this work in vain.

What do you think of Sue's new tattoo?

Mothers should love all their children equally.


Are you sure you know where Sarah's house is?

Witch hazel tightens pores without drying skin.

Hell has no fire of its own: each person brings his own fire with him.

I like surprises.

They're all dying.

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William isn't looking much happier.

This is the best present I've ever received!

How long have you been smoking?

Hugh felt like he could do anything.

Water pipes are cylinders.


Actions, not words.

I didn't realize how much time this was going to take.

Stop pulling my hair.

She hasn't got the knack of cooking yet.

This will get interesting.

I saw you there.

They're watching him.


Why do you think that I'm thinking about you?

He is good at mathematics.

Although most of the content and thought has not been dependent on any language, when focusing on Japanese, differences in syntactic structures or the fact that individual words are not written separately and distinctly then requires several points of consideration.

She really likes to write poems.

I'm not staying.

Language is the painting of our ideas.

Where's my bike?

An indecipherable glance passed between them.

Inflation is getting out of control.

Ouch! I've pricked myself!

I have to tell Prakash.

I often have to talk to people I don't like.

Alexander can't remember where he buried the treasure.

He cheated on the test and got caught.

Juliet had to go to Boston with Masanao.

It just doesn't seem possible.

I've always respected her.

This made me very sad.

I often recall my happy childhood memories.

Neither of those things happened.

Shakil didn't really feel like swimming.

I'd heard what had happened.

This is the one I'll use.


Nobody wanted to insult my country.

Kari is very possessive, isn't he?

You said that you were here yesterday.

What have we gotten into?

We went to Boston to visit him.

I don't know if you'd understand.

A devastating potato blight and famine struck in Ireland in the 1840's.

Let me see if I can do anything.

I'm the baby of the family.

"Where are Keith and Clay?" "They're on their way."

How the hell should I know?

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I wasn't the only one who looked stupid.

The doctor thought that the patient's pulse was a little fast.

He's a real gentleman.

Recently the condition of the body is not so good.

Janet's intentions were obvious.


What would you have done in my place?

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Many people suffer from reverse culture shock when returning to their home country after spending a long time abroad.

I saw you and Bea kissing.

I would rather not go shopping alone.

Tell me about your new girlfriend.

"I'm just thinking about my wish," replied the little black rabbit.

I transferred the work to him.

He came in with his eyes shining.

Trolling is an art.

It takes only three minutes for the water to boil.

Frances thought that Luc would like to go to Boston to see John.

There's something I'd like you to take a look at.

Nelken hasn't met Ji even once.

Are you interested in buying an encyclopedia?


They rented a house.


Tarmi felt embarrassed.


She likes a tiger.

I am poor at drawing.

Joyce wants to know the cause of the accident.


Tomorrow will be the first time I take the plane, incredible, no?

We've run out of patience.

Ronald has always been good to me.

I'd like to buy some earplugs.

What have I misspelled?