Can I get a little help, please?

Jerome is very fussy about what he eats.

"From the North Country" is a TV drama produced by Fuji TV and set in Furano in Hokkaido.

The Japanese are not punctual as a rule.

Let's go away this weekend.

Be sure to clean the lint filter before you run the dryer. Otherwise, you might start a fire.


I'm too confused!


Nicholas and his friends are in the next room singing drinking songs.


That's where I injured my ankle.

Rajiv understood the risks.

I've decided not to sue Joachim.

If you have a minute, I'd like to talk to you about some problems.

I cannot say how far his story is true.


"Strange isn't it. By the schedule around now we should have all witnessed an UFO, and united in researching." "From 'witnessed' it's never gunna happen."


I didn't want to look stupid in front of my friends.

Where's my desk?

Clarissa isn't the only guy here.


He advised her to stop drinking.

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The child is the father of the man.

Let's come back to it later.

The smell of last night's dinner was still lingering in the kitchen.

We're still confused about that.

You may get a serious disease.

I'm surprised Jingbai and Mikey don't like each other.

It's been a blast.

I don't know what we will do.

We must talk it over.

Nothing had moved.

Who said I was wrong?

I'm in charge here.

We shouldn't do that again.

You are my daughter.

I forgot all about him.

There are many beautiful castles in northern Germany.

I'd like a sandwich.

Space and I are good friends.

That's not exactly what I meant.

In here, I look like a madman who just escaped from the lunatic asylum.

Would you show me some ID, please?


I earn 100 euros a day.


She does not like sushi.

Joubert is a dumbass.

A man's worth should be judged by his character rather than by his social position.

All models are wrong, but some are useful.

I assume you two know each other.

Lie on your left side.

Who helped you pay for your college education?

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I never even got to tell Philippe about what we did for him.


Elliot must be furious with Heinz.

His writing of a novel surprised us.

Don't keep me on tenterhooks!

She has otherwordly powers!

This is the best thing I've heard so far.


Thank you in advance for your help.

Who can help you learn German?

You'll embarrass Win.

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We haven't seen hide nor hair of him since he eloped with his girlfriend.

She just texted me.

- Go to work, scour the shit. - Screw you!


It was a difficult problem to solve.

You said you wanted adventure.

How could Dannie be late for work?

If you write your address on a web-page, anybody can find out where you live if the whim takes them.

Thank you for building this wall.

Vernon lost his eyesight.

She is gone shopping.


Temperatures in the Arctic are rising 2 to 3 times faster than temperatures farther south.

Hiroyuki was reunited with his father.

Is your watch right?


I'm in love.

I thought you needed it.

I'll pay by cheque.

Just stop that.

I have a fever and I keep coughing.


Everybody says he's a nice person.

I do not work so you can be lazy and rest all day long!

What are you smiling at, Frederic?


The students went on and on asking questions.

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In any case I just want to make clear that the fact that these are not normal people.

There isn't a single thing here that isn't spicy.

Many of the votes were illegal.

I'd rather stay home than go out in this weather.

I met the prince himself.

Brendan thinks it will rain tomorrow.

I am planning to visit Kyoto, and Nara as well.

It's not as easy as it looks.

Dean stood in line.


Would you please pick me up at the hotel on Friday July 11th at 10:00 a.m.?

I will try to find them.

I loved reading when I was a child.

I hope it works out for you, Norman.

The people here live a peaceful life.

I'm feeling fine.

Bruce rushed into the room.

It's just so sad.

Did you get fired from your last job?


For God's sake tell me the truth.

I ran a race with him.

What do you guys want to do?

Go on in.

Why isn't it here?

I gave some books to Valerie.

You are ten times better looking than I am.

We must work together to build a better world.

Do you think that bothered them?

I'll handle this one.

What's your most expensive wine?


Merril also was very hungry.


I will shoot.

I asked for three hundred dollars.

We can't all be like her.

He complained of the dish tasting bad.

Life sucks.

The new bicycle cost me as much as 50,000 yen.

Timothy didn't have much of a choice.


I have never been to Kushiro.


Promise me you won't do that again.


My husband earns $100,000 a year.

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Perry will get it figured out.

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I'm almost as tall as Knut.


Micheal gave Pilot a ring that once belonged to his grandmother.

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He commanded me to shut the gate.

Dammit, who the hell's calling me in the middle of the night?

Six members constitute the committee.


The river flooded the whole region.


Can we talk to you for a minute?


Leads is a pretty capable guy.


Olof makes lots of promises.

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Rod and Subra never kiss each other in public.

Make sure Tommy stays out of trouble.

What kind of a funeral do you want?

The young men of the neighborhood were collecting branches and brushwood under the oak trees.

This may not be a real diamond.


He is writing a novel.


I am ashamed of your despicable deed.


I'll take it up with them.

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Just don't drop it.


The president made certain that he lined his pockets before he resigned.

Generally speaking, men are taller than women.

Vick has no hat on.


I want to cook for you.

Talk to them again.

This could become a serious problem.

I had a fine old time.

I promise I will protect you.


I spent the day sneezing.


I had lunch at a bakery.

We ate at a restaurant just outside Boston.

Tell me a little about Torsten.


Apples have sold-out!

We rested there for a week.

Geoff used to date my daughter.

Where are the guns?

Nick doesn't have any close friends.