OSET is a software tool that makes the optical systems engineer more productive, performing basic optical system calculations quickly and efficiently.



Optical Systems Engineering Toolbox (OSET)

Intuitive, user friendly, graphical, tabbed interface

Ability to manually iterate inputs to generate the ideal output values

Covers the basics of Image Formation, Gaussian Beams, Radiometry, and Electro-Magnetics

Users can capture screens shots of any active tab, and paste that into Power Point. This supports graphical and quantitative communications with teammates and customers


  • Optical Engineering Background

    Basic Optical Systems Engineering calculations in a graphical, user friendly, tabbed interface

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  • OSET Program Overview

    The top level of tabs allows the user to select the major calculation type that he or she wants to perform.

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  • Imaging

    Imaging is one of the higher level tabs in OSET. Imaging involves the mapping of objects in object space to image space.

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  • Gaussian Beam

    Gaussian beams are common in optics. Laser beams can often be modelled as a Gaussian beam.

  • Radiometry

    Radiometry involves the transfer of optical energy from one location to another. Optical detectors, such as FPAs are often addr

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  • Electro-Magnetics

    Electro-Magnetics is a sub-set of optics involving the propagation, diffraction and interference of light beams.


We are passionate about applying software to optical systems engineering

Jeffery Engineering Inc. is a software and optical engineering company. We develop and provide the Optical Systems Engineering Toolbox (OSET) program to customers world-wide. The goal of OSET is to increase optical systems engineering productivity. This helps the optical engineer, systems engineer, chief engineer or program manager become more efficient and effective.

When as engineer is tasked with system-level design or calculation, he or she will typically find a few books that address the topic. The engineer may need to purchase this book and wait for delivery. The engineer will then read portions of the book(s) to find equations that relate to the problem. The engineer will then put the equations into software such as MS Excel, Matlab or Mathematica. Next he or she will test the calculations against known, basic cases, to confirm that the answers are correct. The engineer will then do the necessary calculations and design work that was assigned to him or her.

OSET reduces this timeline, thus making the engineer more productive. In the US engineering market, engineering labor rates at the company level (charged to other companies or Government customers), can range from $100 to $400 per hour. Thus, a day of labor can be anywhere from $800 to $3,200. It behooves the company that employs these engineers to purchase for them tools like OSET that can make them significantly more productive.


Meet the Founder

Arvi Jeffery

Arvi Jeffery

Arvi Jeffery is a aerospace industry engineering veteran with a passion for applying computer programming to physics-based problems. 

He majored in Physics at San Diego State University while working in the restaurant and retail nursery industries and serving in leadership positions in Army ROTC.  His senior research was under the direction of Dr. Saul Oseroff in the field of low temperature magnetics.

His first assignment on Active Duty as a 2nd Lieutenant was to attend the Optical Sciences Center at the University of Arizona, while managing the Army Officer students at that University.  He wrote his Master's thesis on the non-linear optical properties of Gallium Arsenide Multiple-Quantum-Wells, under the direction of Dr. Nasser Peyghambarian.

He served in technical and tactical assignments in the Army Signal Corps, stationed in both the US and in Germany.

Since 2004, he has been with Boeing Laser and Electro-Optical Systems (in Albuquerque, NM).  Here he has supported a number of major programs including Future Combat Systems, Airborne Early Warning and Control, and a number of Strategic Kill Vehicle related efforts.

Jeffery Engineering Inc. donates 10% of profits to charitable organizations.

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