Minutes tick by...

Commuters, emergency responders, and logistics operators are at a stand-still.

With TRAINFO this could have been avoided.


For commuters, train delays are annoying and very inconvenient.

Emergency Services

In emergency situations, these delays risk lives and severe property damage.


For logistics providers, delays can cost thousands of dollars in lost productivity.

Reduce the impact of train crossings.

By using our patented technology, TRAINFO can predict the time and location of train crossings before they occur.

Receive info the way you want it.

Whether you're on twitter, prefer a text message alert, work with GIS, or you just want the data, we will work with you to provide you the data the way you want it.

  • Data Files
  • Geographic Information System (GIS) Data
  • Short Message Service (SMS)

Avoid Delays

Get notified about blocked rail crossings where you want and when you want.

The application is currently in development and will be available soon. If you're interested to sign up for early access or if you want TRAINFO in your city, let us know by requesting access.

Improve Performance

Don't let rail crossing delays turn into traffic jams. TRAINFO integrates with Traffic Management Centres (TMCs) to give advanced notice of railway crossing blockages.

  • Inform motorists of current and upcoming railway delays in advance
  • Allow TMC operators to route traffic around blockages and keep things moving
  • Adjust traffic signals to adapt to potential delays

Arrive Faster

Save lives, reduce response times and increase catchment areas by integrating your existing systems with TRAINFO.

Railway crossing blockages can often last more than 5 minutes. In that time the survival rate of a cardiac arrest victim reduces by up to 50% and flashovers can occur within a burning room. TRAINFO can help emergency responders avoid these costly delays. Research has also shown that TRAINFO can increase catchment areas and potentially reduce operating costs.

TRAINFO can be integrated with any modern computer-aided dispatch software.

Move Faster

Avoid delays at railway crossings and keep your fleed moving with TRAINFO.

Same-day delivery promises can be jeopardized by an unexpected train crossing. Valuable driver time can be wasted by railway crossing delays. Shipment delays can reflect negatively on your operations.

Stay ahead of the competition, improve your on-time delivery rate, and increase your customer base with the help for TRAINFO GIS. This standalone product can provide insights into rail crossing blockages for your dispatchers or integrate into your existing dispatch software.

Inform Sooner

Expand your traffic alert services with TRAINFO and inform your listeners of rail crossing blockages before they occur.

Train delay information supplied by your audience is reactive, incomplete and can be unreliable. Standout from your competitors by using TRAINFO GIS to provide the most accurate, reliable, and proactive rail crossing blockage information during valuable traffic report segments.

TRAINFO GIS can serve your organization as a standalone product that provides insights into rail crossing blockages for your reporters or integrates into your existing traffic monitoring system.