Technology Consulting

We offer technology consulting in cutting-edge fields such as cloud computing, distributed system design, SaaS, and Agile/SCRUM. Our associates are experienced professionals in these fields, and they dedicate time to research & development to make sure they are always ahead of the curve.

QA Automation

In today’s world, as the technology advances and applications become more complex, combined with more frequent releases, it is impossible to test and regress applications manually. Automation engineers are in high demand and difficult to find. It is where we come in. We offer QA automation services to automate the testing of your applications and services. We have expertise in test-driven development (TDD), testing REST APIs, and web applications.


We have offices in Research Triangle Park, NC, and central India. These places offer a low cost of living and access to talented engineers. We can augment your team, and we can also deliver the entire assignment from our onshore/offshore delivery centers.


We offer staffing services to find the right candidate for your organization. We use our experience and expertise to select the right individual for the job. We work with you to understand the requirements, and we work with the candidate to make sure that she is capable of doing the job and is interested in doing the job. Our success rate in selecting high performing individuals is very high.



SQLMinder is an innovative database management solution for enterprises that takes the complexity out of SQL scripts management and deployment. It treats the SQL code as "first class citizens" in the change set rather than hiding them in delta/change script. SQLMinder allows quick, accurate and repeatable deployment of SQL source code changes (packages) from your CMS to different environments.



MyMoneyMyPlan is a smart investing platform focused initially on the Indian market. MyMoneyMyPlan helps users grow their money in a way that is personalised, unbiased and proven. Our aim is to take the best practices of successful investing - asset allocation, diversification, rebalancing and review - and automate these practices using the power of technology.
We do investment research for our users, consider what experts in the field are suggesting and what has worked in the past. Based on all of these, we recommend the investments, monitor the portfolio and help build wealth and plan for retirement.



NTTN is a technology consulting and product development firm. Our focus is on developing innovative products and helping other companies with their endeavours.

We provide Technology Consulting services but we are not like a typical outsourced IT company focused only on delivering codebase, which is just the tip of the iceberg. There are hidden parts of the product engineering crucial to a successful commercialization of an idea. We strive to help our clients on multiple stages of product development processes, starting from concept creation and all the way through post-production sustenance.

We offer Product-Development-as-a-Service with expertise in New Product Development (NPD) processes and focus on deep technological innovation.

We provide a unique and compelling alternative to typical team building and expanding options for start-ups and growing organizations, collaborating on each stage of Product Development Life Cycle. We distinguish ourselves with deep technology competencies in software engineering services to allow you to focus on solving your business problems.

One of our primary differentiating factor is that most of us at NTTN also have a business background and that coupled with our software engineering skills help us integrate business needs with technology in a seamless way.

Some of the areas we have expertise in (but not limited to) are Financial Trading Systems, E-Learning, E-Commerce, Social Media, Mobile Apps and UI/UX design. We have offices in Research Triangle Park, NC and Indore, India


Reach us at:

  • Research Triangle Park
  • 800 Park Offices Dr, Suite 3602
  • Durham, NC 27709
  • USA: +1.984.212.4132
  • India: +91.989.308.9895
  • 581-213-4682

Careers@NTTN :

  • We are a team of passionate engineers working on cutting-edge technologies, producing innovative solutions for customer delight. We value self-driven, committed individuals with passion to go extra miles.

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