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Sarah Promotions was founded in 1989 as a sales promotion organization and was incorporated in Ontario, Canada in early 1994.

Working with a European developer, Sarah Promotions has created simplified software to assist in the calculation of bar codes and ultimately produce bar codes in all formats to comply with the Canadian Association of Liquor Jurisdictions (CALJ) bar code specifications as used in all Canadian Provinces and Territories within their liquor boards. Current clients include small wineries around the world who do not have ready and affordable access to these facilities. To conduct business with the various liquor boards in Canada, packaging and labeling compliance is now becoming mandatory.

Recently, Sarah Promotions was appointed as the value-added reseller for zoomzaa. zoomzaa is a 100% free software application that was designed by concerned parents to inform and make aware all parents of their children's Internet activities, providing parents with "Parental Control" and monitoring web sites visited and MSN Messenger conversations made – all with a view to providing a safer and more secure online environment for families – but especially for impressionable and naive children.

Sarah Promotions also represents choozmail®, the only complete and comprehensive secure Internet communications solution (email, chat, voice) that was designed from the ground up and focuses on the family and children's safety and security.


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