If you’re reading this, you are SOMEBODY!

You’re special because not too many people even know this site exists. So either you’re among the cognoscenti or you stumbled on it accidentally.


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But there’s not much here to see because this is a “homework” page for experimenting with WordPress.

At first (in January of 2012) this site was to be part of, well, as some of the content suggests, my project of cooking up all of the 134 recipes found in the cookbook called Paleo Comfort Foods in 365 days, blogging as I go. That was the beginning.

Until today (Jan 13, 2018) this was the next statement:
It’s a year later now–January 2013, and I’m still experimenting here. I keep telling myself I ought to make the site “real” or something, but it hasn’t happened yet. Time will tell.

But now? Suddenly it’s 6 years later and I have done nothing on this site–zip, zero, nada!
Hey, I’ve been busy.


A change of one vote?

At the 2012 stage of this project, I was also teaching myself how to build sites–working my way through some online tutorials, etc. Now? Well I’m pretty much starting over, so you can expect to find strange things as you go, and the site will be changing a lot for a while, unless I “get busy” again and disappear!

Surprise me: Scroll down and write a reply! :)

This is the book.Paleo Comfort Foods Book Cover


Important note! I’m not a “true believer” in the Paleo Diet. Actually, as of this writing (Nov 2012) I’m working on going vegan! I know, quite the contrast. I do like the Paleo recipes, especially since they can be helpful for people who are trying “gluten free” living.

See “About Paleo” page for more.

Stay tuned! More to come!


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  1. Ed Mowrey says:

    Hi! It’s me–testing 3/14/15/4:28 a.m.

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