The Right Voice for Renton

Ruth Pérez represents a new source of energy and enthusiasm for the City of Renton. Determined to get the best education she could, Councilwoman Pérez came to the States more than 20 years ago. She became a new rising star from the minute she arrived in the Seattle region.

Ruth Pérez was appointed to the Renton City Council in 2014 — its first Hispanic and the region’s first appointed Hispanic woman. She won her election for the seat in her own right in 2015, in a year when eight other Hispanic women won their first local office.

“Now, I’m hitting the streets, knocking on doors and talking with business leaders all over our growing city – as I am determined to win the voters’ approval, just as I succeeded in winning their support before,” Ruth said. She has filed the paperwork to seek re-election to her seat (Position 6) in 2017.

Ruth represents a new generation of leadership for Renton: “My job is to represent all the people of Renton – and to help create the local government framework to make the most of the economic resurgence we see all around us.”

Ruth was a high profile TV reporter and magazine editor-in-chief and journalist. Twenty years ago, she moved to Washington State to finish her master’s degree in business – and went on to be Gov. Gary Locke’s International Trade organizer tasked with helping Washington businesses open up trade in Mexico. “Both as a journalist and as a trade facilitator, I have learned the art of listening, getting the facts and asking the right questions – the same priorities for serving in office,” Ruth explains. “And I love this place – Renton is the heart of the working people of the state and it is a privilege to serve its families.”

Her priorities for Renton are not new – but her approach just might be refreshing and welcomed. “Transportation is the key to us being able to move cargo, goods and people, yet the list of projects behind schedule, due to lack of funding, is worrisome. With the ongoing economic recovery in our region comes more revenue – but with it comes more stress on our schools, our public safety, our parks and recreation as well as our roads, trails, and major highways,” she told a recent crowd. “My job is to see that your quality of life improves – and that we all share in the prosperity”.

She is also the recipient of several recognitions and awards including the 2016 Woman of the Year and the 2016 Women & Accomplishments that Broke the Glass Ceiling Awards from the Center for Women & Democracy.

Councilmember Pérez stays busy educating herself and serving Renton. In 2016, she attended the following conferences: Women on the Rise Leadership Conference; Nordstrom Latina Summit; Association of Washington Cities Annual and Legislative Conferences; Annual Economic Forecast Conference and the Eastside Rail Corridor Summit. regionally serves as a representative on the South County Area Transportation Board, Eastside Transportation Partnership, Renton Airport Advisory Committee and the Mayor’s Inclusion Task Force.

Ruth Pérez will be walking in your neighborhood soon and if you are interested in joining her and meeting neighbors from all over the city, please email her at and join in.