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New iPhones and Apple Watches weren’t the best part of Apple’s Sept. 2018 event. The arrival of iOS 12 for countless numbers of iPhones and iPads is a real win-win for all users. Especially with consumers who have older iPhones, as this year’s big update brings performance improvements across the board. Apple will begin seeding […]

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Amazon could drop 8 new Alexa-powered devices, including a microwave

“Alexa, cook my burrito.” Yes, that could be our glorious future as Amazon is planning to introduce at least eight new Alexa-powered devices this year, according to an internal document obtained by CNBC. Some of them will be revealed at an event later this month, CNBC reported. We could see a subwoofer, receiver, car gadget, and […]

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Red Teslas costs more now, but people will still pay for the paint color

Tesla’s paint colors were whittled down in the past few days to help ramp up production and now the electric car maker is upping the price for its iconic red option. For the Model 3, the more affordable, backlogged sedan, a red “multi-coat” paint job went up to $2,500 (₹1,81,600) this weekend. It used to be $2,000 (₹1,45,285) for the red […]

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Elon Musk tweets new images of SpaceX’s BFR spacecraft

That’s one humongous rocket that the mystery passenger will be flying around the moon in. With the reveal of SpaceX’s forthcoming BFR which is going to be carrying a mystery passenger to the moon, Elon Musk tweeted two new renders of the spacecraft. The 106 metre (347 feet) long ship was first announced last year, and Musk […]

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How much plastic does it take to kill a sea turtle?

How much plastic does it take to kill a sea turtle? According to new research, it doesn’t take very much. A study published in the journal Nature Thursday found that sea turtles have a 50 percent higher chance of mortality once they’ve ingested 14 pieces of plastic. This means that researchers would expect 50 percent of sea turtles […]

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The waters off the Southern California coast are now approaching tropical temperatures found in parts of the balmy Caribbean Sea. On Wednesday, the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in San Diego recorded its highest ocean temperature ever, of 79.2 degrees Fahrenheit. Scientists have taken measurements off the marine institute’s pier for over a century, since 1916. This easily broke […]

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Scientists have Scientists have come across what they claim to be the earliest-known human drawing in South Africa. The etching an abstract pattern, a crosshatch of red lines, like a hashtag, was drawn with an ochre crayon on silcrete rock, and was discovered in Blombos Cave, which is located 300 kilometres (186 miles) west of […]

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LONDON — All eyes were on Burberry Monday as new chief creative officer Riccardo Tisci showed his first collection for the venerable British house. It was a diverse, wide-ranging show, both showcasing the brand’s heritage and expanding on it. Earlier, Christopher Kane showed a provocative collection built on one of his favorite themes: sexuality in […]

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Ana Abad Santos surfs for both body and soul

Actress and advertising executive Ana Abad Santos keeps her work-life balance by surfing on the beach. When not at her day job at Fila Philippines, she appears on teleserye, the latest of which were “Bagani” and “Los Bastardos (The Bastards),” the story of an hacienda owner who has children with different women. Abad Santos plays […]