It's customary for waiters and waitresses to introduce themselves using only their first names.

Everyone expresses his opinion.

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I'm seeing her this evening.

When I go shopping, I try to buy local products rather than imported ones because it is good for the environment.

There was a great lack of rice that year.


Say hello to your parents from me.

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Chris is young and immature.


I feel the need for a little exercise.

I think you're looking for something that isn't there.

Why don't you cry?

I'm very afraid of snakes.

Do you want to come shopping with me?


I'm confused. What am I going to do now?

Mind the gap.

Don't forget to take your vitamins before you die.

Dennis sprained his wrist.

Laika, a female dog, was the first animal to be launched into orbit.

Do you see a queen?

Betty will be able to come before noon.

I write the book.

I just do not like any kind of sports.


Roman picked up the pot of coffee and refilled his and Kyle's cups.

I failed the written test.

Dory told him not to waste her time.

My boyfriend discovered the erotic manga that I had been hiding.

The new secretary types about 70 words per minute.

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I found an apartment.


I told him to come visit us.

You should act more calmly.

To speak is one thing and to write is another.


You can't run away.


Sally knew he wasn't going to win the argument.

I was stupid to make a mistake like that.

Who will host the party?

However, I think that before making the decision to arrange an international wedding, one should weigh the considerations for and against, and be prepared for the additional challenges that generally occur in the lives of the family members.

I didn't like my name when I was young.

I hope Sundaresan gets better.

We're here to talk.

He has the habit of standing up when he is angry.

I've heard you play the viola and you're not very good, are you?

Pilot is going to ask you some questions.

Count from one to ten.

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She died two hours later.

So far everything has been going well.

Yeah, she must be the sure thing!

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You know English?

Anderson thanked Ariel for the present.

You must think I'm a complete idiot.


People's emotional lives are becoming more and more unstable.

You and Jennifer are welcome to stay for dinner.

Tell Novo to come home.

Jack exchanged the cow for the seeds.

You can't possibly be serious.

Lucius was born in Boston and he grew up in Boston.

What am I supposed to do with what you gave me?


Paula poured himself another glass of wine.


Just don't tell her.


It wasn't until I left school that I realized the importance of study.

The hotel can accommodate fifty guests.

It's a huge responsibility.

The escaped prisoners are considered dangerous.

I'm coming for you, Matti.


I'm sorry, I didn't know where else to go.

Dan failed to pay up his debts.

Ask him when the next plane will be.

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In Switzerland, spring comes in May.

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I wish my children would behave themselves.

Miltos and Sally look confused.

There is some milk in the bottle.

"I was just talking to him." "Talking to him about what?" "That's none of your business."

We won the game.

What would Morris do if I wasn't here to tell him what to do?

Why does Vistlik always have money problems?

The field measures more than 300 acres.

"Why are you so interested in Germany?" "I don't know."


I'm coming up there right now.


What will you do for a living if you can speak Quechua?

How beautiful we are!

Don't stick your nose into my personal affairs.


It is possible for you to read this book in a few days.


Many families went west to make a new life on the frontier.

Your boyfriend is cheating on you.

Obviously, he's not that kind of person.


Thanks for letting us hang out here.

I'll build myself a beautiful palace, with a thousand stables filled with a thousand wooden horses to play with, a cellar overflowing with lemonade and ice cream soda, and a library of candies and fruits, cakes and cookies.

The decision was yours to make.


We'd better send for help.

I gave up hope.

I asked him not to drive so fast.


What makes you think what Susan said isn't true?

The next is yours.

Ernest says we can't talk to Marci.

"Hee hee," his mother chuckled, shaking her head.

Prices here are out of this world.

The tiger, having had its wounds treated, was returned by the villagers to the animal sanctuary without incident.

He set fire to his own house.

I love living on the edge.

There is no illness like hope.

You may not come in.

I thought it was obvious.


Kumi made a box.


Dewey stopped fighting.

Don't play here.

I don't feel like studying at all tonight.


Jared's not doing that many drugs.


I liked your story.


Amedeo, you should see this.

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I took a walk with my dog.

I awoke this morning feeling very ill.

It was very windy that day, and I had my umbrella blown inside out.

That's where Gordon lives.

You'll never make a Sherlock Holmes out of me.

She feels bad today.

I don't want to move again.

If everyone pitches in, we can do it.

She had a narrow escape yesterday.

Hirofumi burped.

I don't think Steven is going to need our help.

We are always aiming at improving the quality of service.

Why didn't I think of it myself?


Gil has a lot of bad habits.


Books are the offspring of one's mind.

The papers say that there was a big fire in Nagoya.

Uranus is similar to Neptune.

She seems excited.

I'd be more than happy to help.

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Your voice carries well.


Clay weighs as least 70 kilograms.


So I'm telling Carolin, "Gooseberry jam is better than raspberry". And then she's just like: "Nope."

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Rand took off his leather jacket and sat down.


My eyes hurt!


Can you imagine how many Lincoln Logs it would take to build an actual shelter?

She gets up at six.

I arranged for a car to meet you at the airport.

She sat on the bed as her mother braided her hair.

We can't leave you behind.

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Serdar is quite greedy, isn't he?

They looked relieved.

I'm headed back into town.

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He woke up starving; but after getting outside a substantial breakfast, he felt splendid.


It seems probable.

He's quite philosophical about his demotion.

This is just the milk run.

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That hat looks good on her.

Dale never wanted to go there in the first place.

I have so many things I want you to know.

We couldn't make out what she wanted.

They that govern the most make the least noise.

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He came to Tokyo five years ago, that is to say, when he was twelve years old.

Even though he is learned, I can't respect him.

I just didn't believe Pieter.

That's fascinating.

They're happy.

Astronauts practice all of the jobs they will need to know during their space mission. They practice these jobs many, many times.