"What are you doing today?" "I'm doing nothing much."

Raman was just amazing.

My job is taking care of our baby.

Why am I so bad at allocating my time?

We sent out the invitations yesterday.

That's what we've got to figure out.

Sean became obsessed with Hui.

This isn't going to work, you know.

I'll fire Al.

It is not very polite, either.


Do you know the creator?

This job could be a lot tougher than we imagined.

Not a word was said.


I never should've hired Julius.

I'd like to clarify that.

Never have I seen such a beautiful picture.

This is the neighborhood where I lived when I was younger.

He died a few days later.

What a hot day it is!

Many people consider a high salary to be a condition for success.

You won't go, will you?

I'm having a hard time downloading songs to my iPod.

The importance of this matter cannot be over-emphasized.

Apparently, you're very good at it.

We put off our baseball game for two days.

I'm sorry, but I don't know what to do.

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We're never going to get it.

The manager of this store is growing a beard.

Italy is the only country that regards war as a soccer game, and a soccer game as it is a war.

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Jisheng must be furious with Winnie.


This antique clock is worth one thousand dollars.


I suspect you know why I'm here.


We have a lot of assignments for the summer vacation.


He is the most valuable player in our team.


Economic conditions are in a state of flux.


Brazilians are plagued by high prices.

There is nothing worse than doing something in a half-hearted manner.

I was caught in the rain and got wet.

I'd be glad to tell Rabin everything I know about that.

Charles is in the next room, explaining what happened.


For my breakfast today: fried egg on toast with cheese.

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The woman precisely knows that she doesn't know what she wants.

I flew to Boston last week.

When we kissed, it felt as if time was standing still.

The parade passed our school.

I think it's time for me to do my homework.

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Hunger is the best seasoning.

I'm driving a car.

Can you tell me where the nearest hotel service phone is?

Ruth seemed to remember what happened better than anyone else.

No one has the right to tell you what to do.

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I don't want to do what I'm planning to do, but I have no choice.

When did you go to London?

Kanthan didn't crack a smile.


I'll show her the way.


Death is only a horizon. And a horizon is just the edge of our field of view.

If earth will go into the Glacial period,what will you prepare.

The strike affected the nation's economy.

They can understand everything she's saying.

That's what you do.


I think Jacobson is going to love this book.


Instead of ink there was some kind of strange fluid in the bottle.

The judgement is very fair to both parties.

I had my composition corrected by Mr Jones.

The exam was real hard.

God made the world round so we would never be able to see too far down the road.


Galen hasn't made it yet.


Owen stepped out into the hallway.

I won't give up because I have something worth fighting for.

He stepped on a Lego.

Tell Klaus about your classes at Harvard.

List had only one chance to get things right.

Do you know what Hienz does in his free time?

They look very happy together.

I wonder why I didn't think of that.

The Cold War may have ended, but the fear of war has not yet been removed from the minds of men.


I had V.D.

We have plenty of time.

Piotr wants to get Jennifer back.

This is the watch that I bought yesterday.

This house must be done up.

The pain is agonizing.

I hope Roland isn't pressuring you to do anything you don't want to do.

My secretary is typing my texts and my assistant is talking on telephone.

Wade and Danny just sat there staring at each other.

The police undertook exhaustive searches but failed to find the body.

Photography is writing with light.

It's slow and boring.

My father has no longer a responsible position.

We started our spring plowing early this year.

Among the things found were umbrellas, shoes, and handkerchiefs.


How are we going to do this without Amanda's help?

He's looking for a suitable job.

Can we talk for a second?


I want you to grow up.

Maximus is the savior of Rome.

I didn't meet anyone there.

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We were delayed by the heavy traffic.

Your plan sounds great.

Miriamne is annoying.

Would you like to be famous?

This is Chinese food.

The stars look very beautiful tonight.

Roughly speaking, there were about 30 people in the bus.

I drank more than I was planning to.

It will be a masterpiece!

One sentence may have multiple meanings in one language.

Don't back off.

Harvey was extremely embarrassed by her parents.

I am looking forward to the trip.

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I know who killed the police inspector.

Within the settlement, Kristen was known as a professional schemer.

It's so dark.

Why is it the mass media didn't report this?

Carole went blind.

I think you should be the one to tell Ian he's fired.

I can't stand my sister's kids.

We should raise our children as 'global citizens'.

I'll stay here all year.


It's snowing outside, cover up.

I was dreaming.

I was happy to do it, Murph.


Kyle disliked Allan.

Are you American?

Kim meets Robert in the school library two or three times a week.

One bad apple spoils the bunch.

I want to fly to the moon.


Randal wasn't a bit interested.

The tourists drove past blooming fruit trees.

I don't have much time for TV.


After school, their lives diverged.


He made fun of me in public.


The risks are too great.

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I'll let him tell you.


I hope we stay in touch.

You're something of a troublemaker, aren't you?

Was it funny?

Don't lean against the wall.

Would I kid you?

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The light penetrates the darkness.

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It was a difficult question to answer.

Rumors have been circulating.

For example, if I want to get downtown what bus should I take?


I think you and he wanna be alone.

I'd like to see them both.

I don't want to work here anymore.

I did nothing last night. I just relaxed on the sofa!

When the bomb exploded, I happened to be there.

I want to see what I'm up against.

Singapore is a city-state.

Try to stay out of trouble.

Nice try, sit down.


They repaired a watch.

I am in no position to do anything about it.

I touched the bottom of the pool.

Setting a new record added luster to his name.

Lori didn't ask.

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Maybe this isn't a problem.


Where did you come across the rare stamps?

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I partnered her in tennis.