Start with a simple

Do not immediately try to cook a stuffed pig, a three-story cake or meringue. Leave complex recipes for later. They require attention, time and some cooking skills, and even if you follow the instructions clearly, there is a risk of making a mistake and ruining everything.

Choose what you can cook together
By the way, about a pizza is an excellent choice of a dish which can be made together with children. The little helpers will be able to sift the flour through the sieve, add the yeast and grate the parmesan, while you are preparing the filling.

The risk that some of the cheese will be eaten in the process, and the flour will be on the floor and on the children themselves, of course, is great, but justified: so they definitely will not think that cooking is a boring process.

Prepare all the ingredients
And in the right amount. If a recipe specifies some component, it is necessary, and its absence can spoil the result: borscht without beef will turn into vegetable soup, pilaf without zira – into regular rice with meat.

Check inventory
Read not only the list of ingredients, but also a description of the process. So you will understand if you have the necessary equipment.

There is no worse disappointment than at the height of the process – for example, when the youngest son has already cleaned pumpkin seeds for pumpkin cream soup, – find out that you do not have a blender around and do not get any cream.



Do not forget that the aesthetic impression is an important part of good food. What to pay attention to? To combine the color and size of the ingredients.

Try to avoid making rates in each other. If you want to cook boiled beef, do not mix small color ingredients such as canned corn or “Mexican Mix” and salmon. Place the main dish on the plate and decorate it with vegetable mix in full color on top. Let your guests laugh at themselves and enjoy a nice and tasty meal.

Add red beans or corn to green vegetables. In this way, the dish will become a cheerful and beautiful creation!

When it comes to inspiration in your kitchen, there is more than just one approach to keep in mind. In the first place there is an impressive number of different cuisines around the world that can bring you the right refreshment and in your kitchen showing different culinary identities on a plate. Then pay attention to the key ingredient around which you are eating, and then in the way you decide to arrange the food to look more tasty and full of color.

Culinary identities

There are two different types of cuisine: those who have gained full international attention (from traditional French cuisine to Vietnamese, Mexican, Arabic, Italian, etc.) and those who are not so well known. If you want to really try something new, you should choose something extraordinary from some of these kitchens.

If, on the other hand, you choose a kitchen that few people know (traditional South Korean food, Ethiopian cuisine, West African cuisine, etc.), you will always be in the favor of unusual ingredients and implicit innovation. However, make sure that you have all the ingredients needed for a particular recipe before starting to introduce it into your own kitchen.