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- Thedore Roethke





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Intelligent &

Genis & Genius was founded by Mr. Genis, a German citizen who was born in Germany, grew up in Israel and lived in between Milan, London, Shanghai and Shenzhen. Focused solely on the Chinese market, Genis & Genius service is well positioned to assist its clients with business, creative branding and marketing related strategic advise.

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Methodical &

Leveraging its German roots and meticulous modus-operandi,Genis & Genius constantly strive to deliver above expectation and live up to its promise - To add Value into its customer life. Throughout its deep experience, broad knowledge, cultural understanding and extensive local network, it is aiming to fulfil its brand promise.

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Innovative &

Offices are located within Southern China’s booming city - Shenzhen, the “ Chinese Silicon Valley”.  It’s geographical location within China’s most prosperous region - Guangdong, and just next to the border of Asia’s financial hub - Hong Kong,  grants the city with unlimited future growing and development potential.

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Passionate &

With branches in Frankfurt, Germany and Tel Aviv, Israel. Followed by strategic partners in Shanghai,
Genis & Genius value is just what is sounds like ;“We are too smart to say it, yet intelligent enough to do it”.
At Genis & Genius we are energised  by passion and long-term, not by profit and short-term, we believe in acts, not words.


Flexible & Adaptive ​

to Clients Needs

Leverage ​

Deep & Profound

Methodical Research​


Different & Creative

Methods​ ​

Provide ​

Clear & Simple ​


HowWe Do It

While the ingredients are the same, our blending style is unique. Tailored to our client’s taste, we follow a clear and easy recipe to serve a mellow flavoured Cocktail. Finally, providing the perfect outcome with a long-lasting impact on our client’s life.

At GENIS & GENIUS, our carefully crafted methodology and quality work is what brings our clients to us in the first place. Yet it’s our personal rapport, adaptive style and unique modus operandi, which gets them to stay. 
Our approach is different;

Creative Methods, Clear Outcome”​

WhyWhy Us

Unique Idea​

Creativeness - “We are Strategic people with a Designer’s mind-set”

Local Insight​

Interpretation -“We are your magnifying glass into the local culture”

Intimate ​Relationship​

Responsiveness - “We Value long-term relation over short-term profit”

Methodical Work

Precision - “We ensure Quality of work, not quantity of pages”

WhomSelected Projects


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China’s future challenge for the world economy

Written byFinancial Times
on 30 March 2016

China’s attempted economic transition has deep implications, not just for the emerging nation, but for the rest of the world. In the short term, the challenge is to manage spill­overs...

Israel, China announce NIS 260 million academic cooperation

Written byTime of Israel
on 30 March 2016

Israel and China have signed seven academic cooperation agreements with Chinese universities, it was announced Tuesday.

China’s massive state company layoffs could triple to 6 million people

Written byQuartz
on 03 March 2016

On Monday, China’s minister of human resources Yin Weimin announced some bad news. To meet the demands of China’s nationwide economic restructuring, 1.8 million workers at state-affiliated coal and steel...

China’s netizens mock Donald Trump, but they fear Hillary Clinton

Written byQuartz
on 02 March 2016

The time has come to seriously weigh a Hillary Clinton presidency against a Donald Trump one—even in China.

Are investors starting to not care about China?

Written byCNBC
on 02 March 2016

The news out of China, bad or good, just doesn't seem to have as much bite anymore.  Sure, downbeat Chinese economic data on the first day of trading in 2016...

Photographer captures country's massive urban developments... without an inhabitant in sight

Written byDaily Mail
on 01 March 2016

There are few things quite as eerie as a massive cityscape, which appears to be devoid of any inhabitants. But, throughout China, this sight has become commonplace. Part of the...

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