Ajani provides guidance, innovation, problem solving, and thought leadership to make the unimaginable attainable for our clients. Our strength is in exceeding the expectations of our clients, along with building and fostering long standing relationships. As each engagement we undertake is unique, we become an essential partner with our clients in tackling their specific needs. We offer our clients the ability to choose the stage in which they desire to leverage our services in their project undertakings. Using this agile model, our clients are afforded flexibility in determining their use of our services based on their specific needs. Whether through the entire course of a project or only when there is a resourcing, expertise, or technology gap, our clients are assured we will fulfill their need regardless of the scale and size of the project.

Management Consulting

Ajani provides a broad spectrum of management consulting services to assist organizations in transforming their strategic business objectives into solutions. We offer advisory strategic, assessment, architecture, design development, implementation, and deployment services to address business challenges and improvements. We offer management consulting services for the following:

  • Change Management and Strategy
  • Program Leadership
  • Acquisition Management
  • Program Assessment and Restructure
  • IT Strategy
  • Architecture and Design
  • Enterprise and Data Integration
  • Systems Development
  • Information Assurance
  • IT Infrastructure Solutions
  • Enterprise and Data Integration

Development & General Contracting

Ajani performs development and construction management for commercial and residential properties. We offer our clients flexibility with regard to the scale and type of projects we will undertake. We also provide consulting services to clients requesting guidance regarding real estate site selection and trends. We offer the following development and general contracting services:

  • Exterior and interior installation/repair
  • Renovations
  • Structure Erection
  • Demolition
  • Electric, HVAC, Plumbing, Roofing installation/repair

Property Management

Ajani provides property management services for commercial and residential properties. We ensure that the real estate investment goals and objectives of our clients are met. Our tenants are assured an enjoyable experience in our properties with our first class service and attention to detail. We offer the following property management services:

  • Property Management and Oversight
  • Property Maintenance and Repair
  • Rent Collection and Dissemination
  • Property Listing and Tenant Screening
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service
  • Turn Over Service

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