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DAC For Issuers and Obligors
Only DAC provides multiple tools and services to assist issuers and obligors in avoiding failed filings, and the DAC repository provides the only centralized platform for obligors to provide integrated disclosure to both their municipal and direct/taxable offerings.
DAC For Investors
DAC's portfolio notification system is widely used by wealth managers, brokers to the retail market, institutional investors and retail users, and DAC offers the only centralized platform for integrated access to non-municipal obligors' disclosures for their municipal and direct/taxable offerings.
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DAC licenses its compliance technology to qualified market professionals and governmental agencies.
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DAC Bonds
DAC acts as disclosure dissemination agent for issuers of municipal bonds, electronically posting and transmitting your information to repositories and investors alike. Read More
Municipal and Taxable Bond Integrated Disclosure Respository
DAC offers the only integrated repository for seamless disclosure of obligors' municipal DAC bonds and their direct/taxable issues, all in one place. Access to the DAC Repository is free of charge. Read More
Post-Issuance Compliance
DAC's uniquely patented system allows issuers of municipal securities to meet both IRS and SEC required filings in a timely, reliable manner. Read More
Private Business Use Monitoring & Compliance
The IRS has increased its focus on post-issuance and private business use limitation and, all indications are ... Read More