That station will be retired as of tomorrow.

I want them to respect me.

He plays the piano well.

Pablo Neruda was Chile's ambassador to France in 1971.

Jeannie and Hirofumi got into their car.

The president made special remarks with reference accident in the nuclear reactor.


Have a look at the angle of the cut.

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The Amazon River meanders through northern Brazil.

This is her handbag.

I'm going to have a baby.

While walking, we should know to look to the left and to the right.

I played football and my sister played tennis.

I really hope I'm wrong.

Were you sad when Gunnar died?


I adore the sound of banjos.

Yuriko is planning to move into the furniture business.

What would you do in that situation?

I thought I had the right to vote.

The film scooped up three awards at the Cannes film festival.

What do my hobbies bring to my life?

Is your family OK?


I will be in New Orleans in April for my cousin's wedding.

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Where do you think Isidore went?

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Above all, fame means dying at the right time.


It looked too simple.

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Out of all the people at your school, who do you like the most?


I need to go there.


How do you know Gretel?

Have you ever flown in a blimp?

Everybody knows that Brandon doesn't like Toby.

What kind of soup is this?

Since they were tired, they turned in earlier than usual.


Po is seated.

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His mother is ill, and is resting.

When he was 15, he ran away from home.

Philip might know how to play the bassoon.


I love art.


How many sisters do you have?

You have to get some rest.

The applicability of any given comment depends on topics already established within the conversation.


She decided on a blue dress.


Arthur was in his early fifties.


He was eighty-two years old and feeling his age.


That's not good enough for me.


It costs 2 euros.

The Time Traveller devoted his attention to his dinner, and displayed the appetite of a tramp.

Nici looks absolutely furious.

I told you it was too soon.

Who are you to tell me what I need?

All of the books on the bookshelf have been read.

The little girl washed herself.


Can you help me do that?

Raman has never ridden a horse.

You've underestimated them.

I'm not much of a tennis player.

Naomi took his time reading the contract.

He is older than the boy who is over there.

Liyuan passed away.

I worked just as hard as Natraj did.

I'm sure Manny doesn't know either.

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Piet found Christmas presents hidden under his parents' bed.


Simply put in a sample of your urine and the computer will diagnose your problem and tell you what you can do about it.

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It's not a suitable topic for discussion.

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I'm not hiding from anybody.

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Go pick Metin up.

Don't you think it of no use worrying about what will happen tomorrow?

Will you leave this with me for a while?

Wilmer never graduated from high school.

I have nothing more to add.

We enjoyed the dinner my mother prepared.

Such poets as Milton are rare.

I lost the watch my sister had given me for my birthday.

Kathryn was having hot flashes.


Stop more often while reading in order to think over what you're reading about.


He is too old.

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She waved both her hands so that he could find her.

We care for Pantelis as much as you do.

If not for me, do it for Dani.

How long did you work for them?

The other animals of the forest came to watch the wedding dance, and they, too, danced all night in the moonlight.


I grind my own coffee beans every morning.


I don't think I'm ready for that.


George Bush thought it would be relatively easy to win the hearts and minds of the Iraqis.

Why don't you go help him?

Will I be able to spend one day undisturbed for once?

This food is too salty.

Learn other languages in order to be more proficient in your own.

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I didn't have time to finish cleaning the living room.


That concert was a complete disappointment.

Would you like to have a new body?

Can't you get him to stop?

Toft is now in tenth place.

She wouldn't speak to him.

Dan gave Linda a ride home yesterday.

I never advised you to break up with Christina.


Marci banged the table with his fist.

The doctor told me not to eat too much.

Drew isn't scared of snakes.

This is where they usually have their evening meals.

I agreed to meet Clay in front of the station.

Amanda likes taking walks at night.

Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change.

Can you tell us what we should be doing?

I take it for granted that she will join us.

It seems the teacher was disappointed.

Gambling is illegal.

I want a new smartphone!

Please have pity on a poor blind man!


We ate sandwiches, cake and so on.

His wife begged him not to run any risk.

She doesn't want to talk to me now, and I don't know why.

I seldom listen to the radio.

I've never done this.

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I want to do it.

Barton needed more information.

Lois is relatively fit and healthy.

He gave me back the change.

She spit out an angry reply.

The roses bloom in spring.

We were not afraid.

Get over here.

He tends to get angry over trifles.

I'll never hurt you, Terrence.

Her daughter has what it takes to be a good teacher.


Don't read my journal!


The judge condemned him to death.

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I think that's possible.

My cat peers bemusedly at her reflection in the water.

She was arrested and accused of being a spy.

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We all know that blue-eyed red-heads are sensitive to sunshine, burning more readily than darkskinned people.

Make sure the chef is skilled before ordering fugu.

Kirk gave Donne his heart.


They're coming for us.

Alison is the right man for this job.

Loukas wrapped a towel around his waist.

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My grandmother suffers from osteoporosis.

I don't see Maureen as often as I'd like.

Try by all means.


Kari did not want to throw anything away.

Luckily nobody died.

Has Pratap promised to be there?

When the cat is not there, the mice are dancing.

They're very close friends.

Debbie accidentally swallowed a coin.

The car broke down after half an hour's driving.


Leave this area now.

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Is that our problem?


I'm going to open the window to get some air.


I can do that if you let me.


Rafael paid Elric back.


I like taking walks in the woods.