You're just sweeping life's problems under the rug.

Nowhere but in the world of the antique is it more obvious that many of the things that we, as individuals hold dear, are completely arbitrary.

After a light swim, I came up from the water and sat down on the poolside.

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I went to her house, but she was not at home.

Judy told Winston that he was Canadian.

Tad doesn't know who baked the cake.

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I was still at home.

Personally, I don't like it.

Don't pay any attention to the boss.

It was late at night when we got back.

I know who it was.

I prefer reading to writing.

I've had the flu since Monday.

July is climatologically the globe's warmest month of the year.

Now I understand it all.


My friend is here.

Give him a hand.

Harold said he would do it himself.


You'd better be prepared.

Your brother looks just like you.

It doesn't matter whether it rains or shines.

I'm not going to tell him.

Are you having any chest pain?

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I'm going to open up my own restaurant someday.

The doctor gave her morphine.

I think you're funny.

I am very good at appearing organised, although the reality is somewhat different.

It is sad not to be loved, but it is much sadder not to be able to love.

Meet me downstairs.

When did you ever go out with Cecilia?


Don't you know what happened yesterday?

You're putting me on.

I loved that house.

Did you rent an apartment?

Valerie lost his friends.

Everyone was so busy.

I visited many parts of England.


The doctor says that Jerrie is going to be all right.


Outside, cars rumbled and rattled as they passed by.

Do not put any objects on the console.

You may have swelling, but don't worry about it.


I deserved better.

They never said anything about that.

What have you promised to do?


You must not eat too much.

We didn't have a fight.

Pratt tried to buy Tanaka's silence.


I wish you had come to see me yesterday.

I'm not sure what they want.

Can I pick my ticket up at the airport?

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The more you study, the more curious you will become.

I have something else in mind.

I don't go to school on Sundays.

I'll be honest with you.

Carol is on good terms with John.

The President desires peace, doesn't he?

Jesus had a coughing spell.

The Sakurajima Volcano in Japan is one of the most active volcanoes in the world.

He got lost in the course of walking in the woods.

You still haven't answered my question.

What do you think about vegetable tempura?

I want to see you after lunch.

I'm not suggesting that.

Let's see if we can come up with a better plan.

Because of Kinch's harsh words, Morris felt as if she had plunged into the depths of misery.


She claims the inheritance.

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I just wanted to be with Wolfgang.


Bad teeth often cause pain.


Please come to my house next Saturday if you care to.

Paola is a happy boy.

It's not a bomb.


The wait was too long.

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You've had more than enough time to do that.

Suzan's leg is bleeding.

There's going to be hell to pay.


Anatole is crafty.


Margie and Francis are worried.

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I did that yesterday.


There was another one.


We're going to help you do that.

The capital of the United States of America is Washington, D.C.

King isn't much older than Leif.

Would they be smaller?

What did I say wrong?

A shoe too large trips one up.

That airplane was not able to depart at the regular time.

Guess what's going to happen if you unplug that wire.

Don't hurry if there's no purpose to your hurrying.

That probably wouldn't be considered appropriate.

It's a really good book.

I didn't expect anything like this to happen.

His views were too conservative for people to accept.

Wilson wondered if he had enough firewood to make it through the winter.

His Mum lives all by herself out in the countryside.

We found many strange plants in a botanical garden.

He lost the watch which he had bought the day before.

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She is contemplating visiting Europe this summer.


Who hired them?

I'd like to learn how to play the banjo.

This tree is the same age as that one.

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The weather is foggy.

I'm so stupid, I completely believed her.

Sometimes I wish I had a twin brother. That'd be fun.

All the questions apply to your sick child.

Half the world knows not how the other half lives.

How did you know Josip could do that?

Strong winds stripped the tree of its leaves.

I told you I'd be quick and I wasn't lying.

Whether I be rich or poor, intelligent or stupid, I have nothing to prove to you.

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This problem is too much for me to handle.


Every time I went to see her, she went out.



Per confessed to killing his wife.

Why don't we take her there?


Erick didn't even try to do the right thing.

Are you going out in those clothes? How uncool!

I'll get it myself.

Did you read that?

My father is as bald as a billiard ball.

How often do you use your phone?

In fact, your deeds don't match your words.

I'm not your enemy, Shannon.

Everybody but John arrived.

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Can we do anything to help her?

I do not eschew an elevated style of speech, especially when my interlocutors are themselves well read.

Go to sentence A and copy a chain link (right button >Copy URL). If there isn't a chain link, copy a scissor link. In the next step change /delete/ to /add/.

I have no objection to your plan.

Do you like these?

Europe can only assert itself with the very high quality wines which it has.

There are some cat's tracks on the table.


Gerald has been acquitted of manslaughter.


The urge to worship something could be described as a deification syndrome.

You wouldn't recognize Jeanette anymore.

The thermometer is an instrument for measuring temperature.

We'd better do something about this leak.

Jupiter is two and a half times as heavy as all the other planets in the Solar System put together.

It's too bad we're not out fishing.

How did you lose so much weight?

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Do you enjoy Kathleen's company?

I baked you some cookies.

I had lunch with her.

Let's get together again sometime soon.

There are two plates on the table.

Do you want some help?

Tell me where you plan to go for your summer vacation.

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I've been waiting for him for an hour.


Brendan and I live near each other.

I have trouble swallowing pills.

We should tell him the truth.

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Syd heard from Johnathan several months ago.

I am living in Japan.

When you're right, you're right.

Kennedy Airport, please.

I listen to the radio while in transit.

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Cathy carefully peered inside the box.

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Miss Pate felt timid about making a speech before a hundred people.

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I offered it to him.


Felicja likes to watch TV.