• The MouthWatch Intraoral Camera

    An easy-to-use, quality intraoral camera that integrates with your imaging software at a price that finally makes sense.

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    Easy Integration

    Integrates with popular image systems including Dexis, Schick Apteryx and many more. And of course… MouthWatch.
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    Crystal Clear Image

    Our top quality imaging chip long lasting LEDs and exceptional lens produce clear vivid images of the entire mouth.
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    Stellar Support

    As a US company we stand behind our products with technical support and a 1 year warranty.


    Comfortable and Easy

    Comfortable and Easy: Ergonomic handle with a balanced design make it a pleasure to use with USB 2.0 fixed focus and single button capture.

    Intraoral Camera

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    MouthWatch Connect

    MouthWatch Connect improves communication with every patient in your practice.

    Now you can let patients view the intraoral and extraoral images you showed them in the office along with your home care recommendations and treatment proposals – anytime, anywhere even if they don’t yet have a MouthWatch intraoral camera.

    Don’t let patients forget what you told them the minute they walk out the door. MouthWatch Connect allows you to continue the conversation – helping patients visualize and act on the care and treatment you recommend.
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    Connect Anywhere

    Via browser mobile app email reminders and more, you can keep your care and treatment proposals in front of patients – anywhere.


    HIPAA Complaint Sharing

    Through our secure platform, you can be HIPAA-compliant when sharing notes, images , videos or x-rays with patients or specialists.


    Mobile Apps

    Let patients connect from their iPhone or Android device, asking questions, scheduling appts or sharing emergency images.


    Review Anywhere

    With just a browser, you can review and respond to any patient images videos or messages.


    Intro Special



    • "MouthWatch has revolutionized our practice. Patients love the reminders and ability to see what we talked about at the office. Now they know how to monitor care."

    • I am very happy that I bought one. It paid for itself in one day. My hygienist and I are both using it constantly and it is a great communication tool.

    • MouthWatch is a great way to encourage patients to comply with post-treatment care recommendations.

    • Great photos and affordable. Now I don't need to spend $10k on cameras for patient education.

    • I love it. Simple, inexpensive, and easy to use.

    • As an orthodontist, I see many ways the MouthWatch system might be of consequential help to orthodontic patients and to the orthodontist.