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People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

Young people flocked to southern California.

You do like them, don't you?

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Brian reported the murder to the police.

Call Price, but don't tell him what happened.

I don't remember what I said.


The trees are tall.


She sang well as a child.

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Something in the sky caught my eye.

You've done everything you can do.

Have you come up with another plan?


Learning esperanto, as recent university researches prove, makes foreign language acquisition easier and quicker.


Daren slipped off his headphones.

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Terry died three days after Dirk died.

I think we may have a problem.

I knew it would work out this way.


We all have to eat.

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We got scraped up.

Excuse me. Who are you?

They were going to kill Don.

He makes a point of attending class meetings.

I requested extra salt on my French fries.

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How can I find my G-spot?

I wish you great success.

Shutoku wrote a scathing review of Srivatsan's book.


I am Death.

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Can I see your hands?

You've decided to take the job, haven't you?

There were long desks lined up, several pipe chairs, and stuck on the bulletin board were a calendar and several printouts.


She is having dinner now.

To provide food for the hungry.

She knows better than to spend all her money on clothes.

I don't think this is going to be a problem anymore.

I'll be perfectly all right.

They did not think anything of the news.

On August 19 2013, the Hurricane Sandy Task Force delivered a rebuilding strategy that is serving as a model for communities across the nation.


Florian has probably forgotten me by now.

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Let's give up our plan to climb it.

This is the progress that we merit!

Jakob is already dead.

A red and spotted white towel, please.

I had nobody to play with when I lived with my grandmother.

Someone stepped on my toe in the crowded bus.

She used to play tennis every Sunday.

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Novorolsky wants to see his son.

The last time I ate at that restaurant the food wasn't very good.

Everybody praised her to the skies.

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I came pretty close to dying.

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Russell doesn't know as many people here as I do.

The Chinese character for money is a stylized drawing of a cowry shell.

He lay on the bed.


We trained hard for the game at first.

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The oldest of us is called Mikko.

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You can stay.


I have decided to carry on the work.


I never suggested that.

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I promise I won't bite you.

The message I received said, Please contact us at your convenience.

I only hope Christophe likes Mozart.

I won't tell them a thing.

There's nothing unusual about that.

What did you guys do this weekend?

He will always be there.

Todd sat on the grass next to Wendell.

At least let me help carrying the table for you.


Let's follow Billie.

When I was a kid, there'd be nightly arguments about whose turn it was to wash up.

Joanne applied for a scholarship.


Think nothing of it.

My boss is not satisfied with my TPS reports.

His wounded leg began to bleed again.

I know who to give it to.

The leaders of the Union agitated for higher wages.

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Copernicus felt that Ptolomy's theory was incorrect. Sometime between 1507 and 1515, he first circulated the principles of his heliocentric or Sun-centered astronomy.

If you're unhappy with your private life, I suggest you register on Facebook. It's the best way to get rid of it.

I do not understand that word in isolation. Could you give me some context?

There's not enough coffee for everyone.

I will not be able to pick up Shigemi at the kindergarten.

Alice felt something hard melt in her heart.

This offer is good for five days.


He knew he could not win.


What are they made of?

I'll give him a hand.

If you don't hurry, you'll miss the train.

I really enjoyed doing that.

Pain, pain, go away.

The court ordered her to pay the fine.

Operating a dance club after midnight is illegal according to Japanese law.

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I think you should leave.

Do you have any idea what that guy's name is?

Delbert ripped you off.

Do not try to imitate her.

That's all I have.


Nanda could hardly wait to see Marcia.

It didn't mean anything.

Please come to the lobby by 7 o'clock.

This knot's coming loose.

The girl who works at the bakery is pretty.

That's just what you needed.

Her singing voice had a cathartic, refreshing quality.

It seems like a fair offer.

I'm sorry, but I can't do that.

We have isolated one patient from the rest.

That topic is worth discussing.


The reason why many language learners never become fluent is that they talk the walk more than they walk the talk.

In the end, with effort everything will be good.

She devoted herself to mission work in Africa.

I've been after Nigel to do that for weeks.

Beat it.

The discussions are still in progress.

Jesus handed Ruth some pictures.


Tell that person where my house is.

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The solar eclipse is the result of the interposition of the moon between the sun and the Earth.

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I admire you for keeping your head.

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He who limps is still walking.

I knew you'd tell me how to do it.

Josh wants you badly.

He is worried about losing his job.

Liza probably doesn't know why the picnic was canceled.


I'm going to exhibit my roses at the flower show.


Leave my family alone!

Some of the students like to play the guitar.

I'm not the father!


He didn't speak to me for several days.

Dozens of pop stars are crowned and uncrowned every few years.

There was nothing but forest as far as the eye could see.

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Show me what you can do.


Murthy threw the ball to me, but I couldn't catch it.

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Go straight, then turn right.

We haven't been able to reach Dean yet.

Interpreting is the basic principle.


What should they do in this situation?


Let's see what Wendy has to offer.

All of us were silent.

Maybe we should do this together.


Not everyone could hear what Ginny said.


Kozue thought the teacher's lecture was dull, boring and endless.

I sold it this afternoon.

I thought I'd get in some target practice.


Every high school student has ditched class at one time or other.

I'm friends with her sister.

They refused to help us.


The boy told a lie, probably to cheer up his parents.

Give me the key to this castle!

I'll try to find her for you.


Steam is water changed to a gaseous form by the application of heat. It may be either saturated, superheated, dry or wet.


What should I tell them?


What do you want them to do?