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Market Entry

We take creative and innovative products and services and introduces them to the Japanese market on either a reseller basis or as a sister company of yours. We only work work with a limited number of companies at a time so as to maximize your products potential.

Direct Marketing

Our main focus is on products and web services that can be sold directly to the end consumer through online marketing. Japan's traditional distribution system has many levels and can be difficult navigate and break into so we focus on direct to consumer sales for quicker market entry.

Business Extension

For certain businesses we will become an extension of your business in Japan i.e. www.yourcompany.jp. If your company's name, design image and products are a good match for Japanese consumers then we propose using everthing as is with only slight modifications to meet the Japanese market.


Companies we represent now and in the past..

DNA Photo Art

Wall art made from your DNA


Morning Sickness Relief

Nature's Best Photography Asia

World's Most Prestigious Photo Contest

About J Start

Selling Your Product in Japan

J Start helps foreign companies sell their products in the Japanese market. There are many complications including language and cultural barriers to overcome that make it difficult to enter Japan. Setting up a company and selling in your home market is hard enough without having to think of doing it all over in a new market.

Let us help you eliminate most of the risk of entering the Japanese market. Most companies will help you by finding partners or distributors, hiring employees and setting up an office. This method is fine for larger companies that have a large budget. However our focus is on new or smaller companies that want to add to their bottom line by adding another market but without the hassle of having to do it themselves. Read below about how we help you sell in Japan.


Simply export your product to us at wholesale cost and we will sell it in the Japanese market for you through a website that we will make especially for it. We will either resell your product or service on a new site that we make in a company name we choose or we can localize your website and use your company name with a Japanese (.jp) domain name. Depending on the product we might ask for modifications if possible so as to fit the Japanese market. We will be responsible for making a website and all the marketing materials for your product.

Private Label

Another scenario is we buy your product or service at wholesale cost and relabel it in our brand name and sell it in the Japanese market.

Products we are Interested In

We are interested in products that are new, unique and innovative. Products that have a niche market and can be sold directly to the consumer through internet marketing. For some product we will also act as a distributor and find other retailers to sell your product.

Why Choose Us

We are a small company that typically concentrates on one project at a time to give it the best chance of success in Japan. If you choose a larger company then you run the risk of having your product buried in the myriad of other products they sell. Choose us and let us give your product the attention it deserves. Please fill out the contact form below and let us know how we can help you.

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