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If I tell you how it's done, will you do it?

Much snow has fallen.

He sang while working.

Defeated revolutions are forgotten quickly.

Tyler and Sriram agreed to pay a ransom to have their daughter released.


I'll think it over.


Miriam has a degree in finance.

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We still have a long way to go.

I don't feel good.

Ariel dropped in on me yesterday.

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Mann probably thought I could speak French.

Are you familiar with that?

You should go see a doctor for that.

Who's there with you?

Write your name, first of all.

The city is planning to extend the boardwalk.

We should not ask a woman her age.


I am so busy that I don't watch TV.


I'm not so sure about him.

I have to take it off.

I told him what time to come.


The teacher stressed the importance of daily practice.

I need to talk with them.

Troy is shaving.

I think Kamel is too young to have her ears pierced.

She is getting on.

They can because they think they can.

Which are the prime numbers?


The farmer heard the loud barks and jumped out of bed. Taking his gun, he leaped to the window and shouted: "What's the matter?"

I consider you my friend.

All of a sudden, I remembered that I couldn't pay for so many books.

Atlatls were some of the first tools of the Paleolithic era.

You need to have a lot of stamina to run a marathon, but even more for the training before the race.

Les felt very guilty about what happened.

How can a presentation be made interesting?

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I'm not interested in talking about Leslie.

The sun just came up.

Melinda should talk less.

We're managing all right.

I'm dying to go to New York.

Sherri enjoys reading novels.

We should be dead by now.

My dog is very faithful.

The meeting was held last month.

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I cannot fix this machine. It's very difficult.


As people get older, their brain cells become less efficient.


Have you met the Jacksons?

This part of the sea is deep and dangerous.

Mick is still a teenager.

It's unlikely Krzysztof will help us.

I don't want them back.


They must really hate me.

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Beverly decided to stay with Cynthia.


He promised me he would be here at six.


Do you think they noticed?

I am going to give up smoking.

I was going out.

Deirdre plugged his speakers into his music player.

Dave is testing us.

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I saw the house struck by lightning.


Look, a butterfly!

Who cares about that?

She adjusted the clock.

Andrea knows something is wrong.

Walter tumbled down the stairs.

Depression is common among young adults who have Asperger syndrome.

It bothered me.

Please let me talk to Ima.

They are interested only in their little language.

Do you know where?

I don't think we can trust him.

She is not so insensitive a girl as to laugh at a funeral.

I'm not the crazy one.


I think only time will tell.

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He's not in the mood.


Just tell me what Neville's got to do with this?

Don't ever mention this in front of Socorrito.

The water is not fit to drink.

Is your father here yet?

I greatly admire her for her bravery.

He was standing in line.

Elwood and Nicolette have been studying French together all afternoon.

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It looks like Lori has gained a little weight.

All racists are hypocrites.

Josip faced the media scrum.


You can choose one of them.

When I run, I get sweaty.

Nancy asked Konstantinos to bring him back some toothpaste and toilet paper from the supermarket.

She lost herself in the crowd.

Raymond doesn't seem particularly interested in learning French.

The Law of Identity dictates that anything is equal to itself.

The bar is closed.

He is the very person I have wanted to see.

This bookstore stopped selling JUMP.

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I am reading a letter.

I couldn't answer any of Eli's questions.

We're not acquainted with each other.

You work hard!

We have to be proactive.

Ti and I both want to go home.

Women like to talk.

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Has Loren told you who he's married to?

Cathryn appears to be strong and healthy.

Curiosity got the better of Dale.

I was scared.

I think that would only take about three minutes.


What did I tell you?

He left for the mountain never to return.

They are paid by the week.


I'll get by if I have a place to sleep.

They said he's very rich.

You neglected to say "Thank you."

She knows the news better than her father.

What would you say if you were in my place?

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I got caught in a traffic jam on the expressway.

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You have cute eyes.

I checked with him to see if his address was right.

The biker was bombarded by clouds of gnats along every mile of the bike trail.


I'll come at once.


Are fireworks legal in Australia?

Vernon and Barbra got married in Maryland.

I don't think he can help you.

I'll try to be more like you.

The petals of this rose are very tender.

In order to isolate him from bacteria, and such, he is not allowed visitors.

This is very simple.


I'm starting to doubt you.

I ate bhelpuri.

Another Scotch and water, please.

I'm comfortable.

You're more than welcome to come over.


This is my favorite book.

I'm just glad she wasn't hurt.

Stephe told me that I should be more careful.

Let's let Charlene try that again.

Doug pleaded guilty to misdemeanor drunken driving charges in New York.


Sal can't swim.


That would be embarrassing.

Lenny took a bite of my apple.

This child aspires to become a laywer in the future.


Barbra is very discreet, isn't he?

Since you can change the playback speed on the walkman, I use it to learn French.

I know I shouldn't care what Lowell thinks.

Maybe Jiri knows what I did wrong.

It can be very hard to tell the difference between crazy people and misunderstood people. But of course, everything is all just a matter of opinion with varying degrees of evidence or no evidence at all.

We're doing our best.

Are you a member of the baseball team?

Vern made it look so easy.

I feel kind of sorry for him.


I'm not going to sit here and listen to you complaining all day.

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Leon was hoping that Rupert would smile at him.


The judge charged the audience to be silent.

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Here is a present for you in token of our appreciation.


The emperor returned home in triumph.


They weren't all boys.

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One day, her dream to be dressed in haute couture came true in an unexpected way.