I don't blame them.

Dennis didn't talk about that stuff.

The divorce felt like a liberation.

They just saw her.

I already answered that question.

I'm taking a bubble bath right now.

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One plus two makes three.

Marnix is a valuable client.

Hotta turned another page.

Jessie's long hair was completely wet.

This bad practice will gradually die out.

What would you do if war were to break out?

The bathroom is next to your room.

Todd has other priorities.

Randy seemed real impressed.

I can't leave that document here with you.

That wasn't the question.

Her skin is white like snow.

She was aflame with pride.


Rents will go up next month.

Please continue your favors towards us.

I'd love to be able to spend more time with you, but I have to get back to work.


How much money is left?

Where is a bakery?

I had so little time that I had to eat lunch in a hurry.

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Seth would like to thank Trey for her help.

Can I see you a second outside?

The room is empty apart from the speck of dust floating in the air.

Her car is two years old.

Why did you break up with Ed?

Lorraine was genuinely puzzled.

Do you know where the police station is?


Sal looked totally embarrassed.


That female student is American.

I have to go tell Laurianne about what happened.

I do have confidence in Stagger.


When Jill rented a car at the airport rental agency, he agreed to bring it back in seven days.


I know when something's bothering you.

That's logical.

It's not all that bad.

What time did you get back?

What is he driving at?

It seemed like the only rational thing to do.

Marguerite is on duty today.

I took sides with them in the argument.

There's snow on the ground.


We must look into the matter at once.

She left the old newspapers lying in a heap.

The cat was stuck in the tree.

I'd like to pay by credit card.

What's Lewis been doing all day?


Paola always tries to set a good example for his children.

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If only time could pass a little faster.

There were only two means left to him in order to get a bite to eat. He had either to work or to beg.

I'll bring you up to date with hometown news.

I'm going to move.

Pioneer 10 returned the first close-up pictures of Jupiter, measured the temperature of Jupiter's atmosphere, and mapped its magnetic field.

Don't talk rubbish!

The police are looking into it.

We have a lot of assignments for the summer vacation.

Dirk was all alone.

What's stopping you?

Do you agree?

Everything is getting cheap.

More and more people are falling behind in their mortgage payments.

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He suffered from rheumatism.

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I'm so busy laughing and crying every day I don't have time to study.

Your feet are swollen because your shoes are too small.

Go ahead and ask Marilyn.


We'll sit down and talk about it.

You're not actually suggesting that I go out with another girl, are you?

It's not so far-fetched.


Why haven't I seen you here before?

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Mickey heard that Giles had died.

Lots of Brazilian schools observed a minute's silence in honour of the victims of the massacre in Realengo.

Shai is turning up the sound of the TV.

I like girls.

Don't be careless in your work.

Education is important.

She can't come with us.


Please be patient with me today.

I will hide it.

I used to work with Kayvan.

He's our only suspect.

It was clear that Hawking would live longer than was first thought.

We have different views on life.

I always drive at a moderate speed.


We're not on the same team.

My father feels satisfied about this result.

I've got to know.


I was playing tennis all day.

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You must not look down on old people.


I have butterflies in my stomach.


This photo was taken in Boston three years ago.

Death is certain, but its time is not.

I'm starting to get the idea.

Are you in love with him?

Caves are dark.


Jeanette wants to learn.

Hillel was wondering if Miek enjoyed hiking.

The factory was constructed out of concrete.

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Cyrus didn't want to wait any longer.

Elias apologized for his rudeness.

I've misjudged them.

Her conduct gave rise to suspicions in his mind.

A true friend would've helped me.

Have something to eat just in case.

Have you spent a lot of time in Boston?

Her skill as a teacher is based on her understanding of young people.

He wants to know how he can lose weight.

No one noticed.

It's hard to surprise them.

People do not trust a weak government.

He dissociated himself from the firm he had worked for for eighteen years.

Dan didn't even negotiate the price.

Who knew about this?


We're pleased you're here.


I had no idea you guys were getting married. You should've told me earlier, darn it.

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I can't imagine what it must've been like.

I believe that belongs to me.

I'm listening to this song.


I want a single room if possible.

Remember to mail this letter.

Are we ready?


We still get together from time to time.

I want to come back next year.

Write your name at the bottom of the paper.

After coming in from the bitter cold, Kim stood in front of the fireplace for a long time warming up his hands and feet.

Angus showed her the letter from Santa Claus.

Ritchey wants to make a deal.

Deb wondered why Rod was so angry.

After doing my first workout at the gym, my body ached so much that I felt like a paralytic.

They went through with many difficulties.

He was that angry.

Hazel wears a toupee, I think.

You had better take an umbrella.

I turned in my report yesterday.

Kyoto has many places to see.

Are you certain about this? Absolutely certain?

Ronald knows nothing about Boston.

You will never get bored in her company.

Allan wanted to see justice done.

Beverly is studying in Boston.

Do you remember what time you woke up this morning?

We need information.

The committee held a discussion on the problem of education.

Is this what I think it is?

I want to know how you got here.

They gave away the ending.


Son looked at me and smiled.

The art of making wooden bowls like these has died out.

Big deal!

Knapper was too proud to ask for help.

I sometimes play tennis with her.

I am only too glad to hear that all of them are safe and sound in the rescue boat.

Marlena chided Dwight for spending so much time on Tatoeba.

It is fact that he wants to visit Egypt.

He made a positive answer.

I want a compact car with an air conditioner.

As far as I'm concerned, his perfume is an aphrodisiac.

We were in London last winter.

What's Terrance trying to say?

Jacob has lived here all his life.

I can make out what she said.

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It's what I've been waiting for.

Hey, get away from the wall.

I guess I've gotten lazy.

I have been here for two hours.

She came back an hour later.