The moment he saw me, he waved to me.


All the workers who are lazy must be fired.


Tran must think he doesn't need to help Maarten anymore.

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Is French hard to learn?

In a dirty bag treasure often lies.

Jussi unloaded the boxes from the van.


A storm kept the ship from leaving Kobe.

That was nifty.

A bird was flying in the sky.

Sanity said he was at your house yesterday afternoon.

Kieran is a security specialist.

This fellow is up to something. I can feel it in my spleen.

It was heartless of him to say such a thing to the sick man.


He would often go to that tavern.

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Herman tried not to listen to Warren and John discussing their financial situation.

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Where can the kids play?


His real name was Mastro Antonio, but everyone called him Mastro Cherry, for the tip of his nose was so round and red and shiny that it looked like a ripe cherry.


My brother fell off a tree and broke his leg.

I became a lawyer to help people.

Maria is agoraphobic.

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Sanjib isn't a cop.


Herve bought a drone.

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The neck of the bottle was broken.


We have an answer.


Why on earth did you sell your newly-built house?

I'm going to drive to a Japanese restaurant.

When do you work next?

You guys are sweet.

If you don't have anything to do, you can contribute to Tatoeba.

Maybe I should tell Mat.

Let me finish my sentence.

Could you please sharpen these pencils?

Dan said he was having problems with Linda.


Lend us a hand.


Is it time?

Are you adventurous?

The room is being painted by him.

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Everyone was dressed in a beautiful kimono at the party.

Norma couldn't do what he was asked to do.

My father is too old to work.

Japan will need more labor to cope with its declining birthrate.

What's diamond is diamond, what's flint is flint.


I thought you were dating Stephe.

You've done this before?

He doesn't work for us anymore.

Sherman is average looking.

Will anyone believe us?

Someone's coming, close the box and conceal it!

Alfred and Jelske are already there.

When Konrad left, I told him he'd be back someday.

He receives a high salary.

Truth alone triumphs.

She asked the office, in order to obtain more detailed information.

Where's Minnesota?

A good idea came across his mind at the last moment.

Bob learned about Ronald's death on the evening news.

I bought a pen, but I lost it.


Here is Tuna's dog.


Let me put this in perspective for you.

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The army raided the rebel camp.

You don't know her like I do.

The suspect must leave all his personal belongings on the table.

Betty is waiting in line.

He is a young man who really has the air of a student.

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Let us drink tea.

Brooke isn't all that honest.

It was below zero this morning, but I cycled to school.

Your plan requires a large amount of money.

Let's make sure everything is where it should be.

He dashed off a letter.

Jane and I play the piano well.


Let them do it themselves.


Let's see who can finish doing this first.

An experiment that is not using scientific control methods is worth nothing.

His dream is going to Switzerland.

He drives me crazy.

I told you I didn't want any of this.

Because there are a lot of volcanoes, it is easy for Japan to be hit by earthquakes.

He had steak and fried potatoes.

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I have paperwork to finish up.

Barney is a total idiot.

I'm not freezing your food.

You'll feel better in no time.

I want to sing a song.

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2001 is the year when the 21st century begins.

I want her to wash the car.

While she is writing, her dad will supervise.

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Duncan never knew that.

Does he play the piano?

The colors of this painting are very bright.

Rajesh seems to know the truth.

The existence of an international language allows people to understand each other better.

I should've noticed it before.

My parents persuaded me not to travel alone.

Is there a hospital around here?

You must help her.

That's a very tempting offer.

You could do a lot if you put your mind to it.


I want you to get in your car.

Something must've happened.

I haven't read his novel, and my brother hasn't either.


I am five feet, two inches tall.

I'll help you find him.

I find his words strange, do you?


Sri is waiting for someone to help him.

That's an old wives' tale.

I brush my teeth; I comb my hair.

We're still involved.

You won't finish today if you just sit there.

A black panther can be a jaguar or leopard, but in either case it has a gene that causes it to produce more melanin than other specimens.

Does your best friend live in the same street as you?

When you feel lonely, remember the happy moments we spent together.

Write your telephone number down on this pad.

You'll have to answer for your behavior.

I told him not to do that.

You went on the school trip, didn't you? How was it?

There, gazing at the ceiling, as my cigar slowly gives off a bluish smoke that dissipates like morning mist, I see your smile once more, the lovely smile of yesteryear.

An idiot like Dan has no place on this team.

My shoes are the same size as his.


Christie pointed to a sign on the wall.


I'm from Bulgaria.

I've got plenty of room.

Belgrade has about 2 million inhabitants.

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We're just sitting down for dinner.

Can you help me fix that?

A little, old woman foiled the robbery by whacking the thief on the head with her cane.


We studied English.


Bach's Invention No. 8 in F major is well-known.

We want you to stop.

He had the boldness to ignore my advice.

When will the trees blossom?

The news was all about the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Three x cubed plus a constant... What am I on about?

Is everything OK at the office?

Unfortunately, Nanda was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

What species of elk is it?

You don't want me to sing, do you?

Vijay went running.


Nobody talks to me anymore.

I only found out a couple days ago.

I can't find my ticket. I must have lost it.

I am not a pillow.

"Strange isn't it. By the schedule around now we should have all witnessed an UFO, and united in researching." "From 'witnessed' it's never gunna happen."

He spoke despairingly of his son's actions.

Who will console her?

I've spent almost all my money.

If there's time this week, shall we try once?

An industrious person will succeed in life.

Seal the box with glue, and not with tape.


I took it for granted that he would succeed.

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I like bread more than rice.

I saw a UFO.

The same old problem.

Her cheeks reddened.

Hazel wasn't sure.


Who's in command here?

You'll get pneumonia.

Marla has two choices.

I hope we're not inconveniencing you.

Yesterday my sister went to Kobe.