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Navigational Equipment
Supplies, Accessories, Medical Equipment Camouflage Gear
Military and Police Clothing
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Armored cars and all terrain vehicles, Command and control vehicle, Police riot equipment, First Aid Kits
Body Armor, batons, Shields and more...

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DPS can provide solutions for communication and IT systems. from small personal radios to entire IT facilities, DPS provides a solution.

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DPS has specialty in delivering all-terrain vehicles, armored cars and trucks, and heavy duty ATV's and SUV's for field use and rugged outdoor terrains.


Live - Virtual - Constructive

The Results Driven Program® (RDP). RDP is an implementation and operations framework developed by IPC that structures training operations across the Live-Virtual-Constructive (LVC) continuum.RDP training programs allow for monumental gains in effectiveness, while simultaneously reducing time and cost.

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U.S. Government Contracting

We provide tailored advice and legal services on virtually every aspect of government contracting and public procurement, from bid strategy through to potential challenge. These services include: preparation of strategic alliance agreements and teaming arrangements; bid protests and challenges; and contract administration and claims. Our lawyers also litigate contract disputes and claims involving contractors.


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Project Management

Everyone who does business with the military or government agencies knows the importance of delivering on time and on budget. DPS has a track record of providing reliable and dependable project management.


Consulting Services

DPS provides aviation related consulting services/expertise in Military/Civil related projects. DPS can provide the resources, personnel and equipment required for major defense communities across the globe.