Can I buy that from you?

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He's doing it to me out of spite.

Pierce will probably stay here tonight.

What happened here was unavoidable.

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I better drink my own piss.

Do colleges give homework too?

So what exactly is wrong with Klaudia?

The kids catch butterflies.

Would you like to get together again next weekend?

I gave you my word.

He was every inch a king.

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Let's do this later.

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Elijah doesn't have the money to buy a car.

Jem is wearing the same clothes as he was yesterday.

Fear of death is worse than death itself.

He is apt to envy others.

They set sail for New York yesterday.

Defy convention.

Who succeeded?


Do snakes bother you?

This is my bike.

The horse does the work and the coachman is tipped.

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All who have ever written on government are unanimous, that among a people generally corrupt, liberty cannot long exist.

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I knew that all along.


They are still seeking evidence.

The evidence is clear.

Women are often mentally stronger than men.

Leslie looked at the calendar on his desk.

Betsy needs your help to do it.

Do you have any questions for us?

Ethan isn't so gullible.

Dan relayed messages between Matt and Linda.

Don't talk about him.


Can I wait for him here?

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I pointed this out to her.

Bruce thought Oleg would probably fail her French test.

It doesn't matter what you think.


We see what we expect to see.

I don't need to tell you again, do I?

Do storks really stand on one leg?

What a kind boy he is!

These boxes have plenty space on the interior.

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She went from London to Paris.

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I think she was planning to go visit her mother who is in the hospital.


I'm riding with him.


Can we see you a minute?


Neither a wise man or a brave man lies down on the tracks of history to wait for the train of the future to run over him.

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Would that be wise?

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Good manners is the art of making those people easy with whom we converse. Whoever makes the fewest persons uneasy is the best bred in the company.

"I need some money," Dima said, with a tone of embarrassment.

Please fax me the application form.

That's interesting. Why would you ask that?

Tim isn't a very nice man.

Goodbye for ever!

We're almost home.

We hope people like it.

Check these papers over.

These plums are ripe.

We are only people, not gods.

In countries with electoral colleges, citizens vote for representatives to pick heads of state for them, adding an extra layer to what would otherwise be a direct election.

What is it you want, Allan?

I had lunch with Jurevis yesterday.

He likes the rain.


Moe paid Vinod back.

Wine helps digest food.

I should get ready.

A friend of mine came to visit me at my office.

I really do want to help Cristopher.

I just met the most beautiful woman I've ever seen.

Swamy should've said more.


Check with them.

He might be our new teacher.

I'm a little confused.

Spiders prey on flies and other small insects.

When I was young, my father used to take me to school.

Now there is some left over.

How's it going so far?


The manager sat on the bench with his arms folded.

There is a dense population of young people around here.

Hirotoshi and Lea aren't busy.

I had an argument with him.

A politician should serve the people.

Nothing got ruined.

He bought her drinks.


They built the ship in accordance with the plans.

Every "why" has its "because".

I'm absolutely against the tree being chopped down.


We probably won't do that.

His latest work proved to be a great success.

You don't have to be sarcastic.

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She likes to walk alone.

It is unfortunate you didn't join us.

He is a little above himself.

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Do you want my email address?


I was hoping to hear from you.


They lived in a very small house at the end of a long, gray street.


I sent him away.


They were caught smoking.

Just do what you have to do.

Has the situation improved?


They wondered what to do first.

I've played tennis for years and years.

She doesn't drive for fear of an accident.

He fell head-long into the river.

She shouted for help, but no one came.

You can always come here.

Terry certainly believes Cathryn is faithful.

Think was born on a plane.

This is really disturbing.

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Just look! This is much cheaper than the other one.

It's not wrong.

Where on earth did you get it?


Come early.

They are not at all interested.

She knew neither his address nor his phone number.

Who's your favorite poet?

Don't forget your phone.

I don't exist to you.

They looked forward to a time when they would no longer have to live from hand to mouth.

Why won't Suresh answer?

It was grotesque.

Mac doesn't trust Brandon with his car.

I'm sure Benson will complain.

I'll be waiting for Mats until 6 o'clock.

The little girl was absorbed in reading a fairy tale.


We need a carrot, a beet, and broccoli. They need to be raw, not cooked.

Teenagers love playing video games.

We eloped on the spur of the moment. It was so romantic!


His boss is very demanding.


Xiao Wang arrived in Beijing.

They fought back.

She was twice mistaken for a Spaniard.


When do you expect the next train?

She is delicately constituted.

Space has found another job.

Spudboy, get down from that tree!

Mayo wanted me to help you.

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Please keep this door locked.

You must be starving.

Gale and his friends asked me to come with them.


Sanford isn't in our group.

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Am I being accused of some kind of crime?


Do you know what day it is today?

Good day. What do you want?

As long as there's no meat, anything is fine.

I don't care if Lin goes or not.

I think the same way as you do.

Boredom is the feeling that everything is a waste of time; serenity, that nothing is.

They're putting me in a difficult position.

Lex walked down the street without looking either left or right.

We'll be back right after this commercial.

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Sylvan doesn't think he's as creative as Kathy.


You need to get a haircut.


They weren't bluffing.

We elected Jack chairman.

That thing wanted to kiss you.