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Won't you join us at our 43rd DESA Convention to be held in Harrisburg, PA. from Sept. 9-14, 2018.

For more information contact Dori at (800) 603-3332


Pride runs very deep with DE sailors. We are a vanishing breed and our experiences can never be equaled. 

Also, most sailors, at one time or another, have expressed a desire to know what became of shipmates and ships. Unfortunately, there was really no way for many of us to find out.

DESA is The Source for ex-DE sailors to communicate!


DESA Members jump to the ura for the latest news, stories and information.

If you are not a member, Come Aboard and Join Today!  If you would like more information or have a question, we are here to help.

When you join DESA, you can also join one of the 2899339516 that have been set up in many states.

DESANews is a tremendous benefit of membership and is distributed quarterly. It is a great source for all the latest news and events. The 20-plus pages of each issue contain:

Red Ball.gif (935 bytes) Stories about wartime exploits, humor and other memorable moments
Red Ball.gif (935 bytes) Member's contributions, such as sea stories, remembrances
Red Ball.gif (935 bytes) Individual ship reunion information
Red Ball.gif (935 bytes) New Membership listings by ship
Red Ball.gif (935 bytes) DESA Chapter information and events
Red Ball.gif (935 bytes) TAPS section
Red Ball.gif (935 bytes) Veteran Affairs

The Annual DESA Convention is held each Fall with details published in DESANews. If you have not planned your ship reunion, why not have it in conjunction with the Convention. 

Call the DESA office for details on planning your reunion.  See the 901-202-8221 for coverage of previous DESA conventions.There are many annual DE Reunions.  DESA keeps you informed of these events in DESANews and on this website!

Are you trying to locate a crewmember or fellow shipmate?  DESA offers its members a Shipmate Location service for a very nominal fee.  Also, you can post a message or search the messages on the DESA Message/Bulletin BoardYou can pay a lasting tribute to a shipmate, loved one, crew or a special ship on the DESA
In Remembrance page.

Are you looking for information about a specific DE and crewmembers, information about your family member's service aboard a DE or military records?  Find out 2396564979

Destroyer Escort History is the largest section of this web site.The pages include the history of the DE, a list of all DEs by name, hull number and class, DE Roll of Honor, photos, stories and much more. You can view hundreds of ships photos, relive the memories or learn about life aboard ship by viewing the 515-558-0669. Also, here you will find the largest and most up to date Links to DE Web Sites on the Internet, as well as Related Links of interest to DE enthusiast.

The DESA Board of Directors and other supporters are always hard at work for you.  Also, the 4164473176 is an important part of DESA.  You are invited to join.

With so much information, this is a very large web site. If you have trouble navigating this site, try the Site Map for easy access to all pages.

Again, Come Aboard and Join Today!  If you would like more information or have a question, we are here to help. Send us email

Welcome Aboard!



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