Geoff started playing drums when he was thirteen.

Why did you decide to learn French?


I killed a duck once.

You aren't supposed to swim here.

Yes, one day, I would like to.

It wouldn't hurt to tell us.

Boys have no respect for girls.

I must go, it's late!

Who's next on the list?

Marcia unlocked the gate.

It is because the physical condition was bad that it returned that day.

Love is God's nature in action.

Jesus is waiting at the gate.


It wasn't my idea.

I heard you didn't get much sleep.

I haven't eaten anything for days.


He is a Cicero in eloquence.

That's for her.

Have you ever seen him eat?


I'm doing just fine.

Are you in place?

He was convinced that she really loved him.

I reluctantly agreed.

They did it willingly.

My grandma stooped down and picked up a needle and thread.

How can you get Van to heed the comments with suggested corrections?


Where in the world have you been?

I'd just like to give you a little history about our project.

Get me up at eight.

I found the film interesting.

Living in the country, we have few amusements.

No has been very selfish.

It sounds like her.

He just couldn't do it.

Elijah cleared snow from the driveway.

I have to meet Bradley.

Marriage is the last thing on my mind.

It was pretty scary.

I want to return to that day.

Are you sure Lou won't be here?

Didn't they light a fire?


Moses doesn't want Bucky to go.

We're going to send him home.

Nice weather added to our pleasure.


She was getting used to queer things happening.

In other words, physical obstacles, perhaps unknown to the original surveyor and engineer, requiring alterations to be made in order to surmount them.

She should never have gone in the first place!


Max is a fraud.

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Do you want to see some of my paintings?

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It's on the table.

I am ashamed to call you my friend.

As I happened to be in the neighborhood, I went and paid him compliments.

The last piece of cake was eaten by Price.

I don't believe you!


Learn from Comrade Lei Feng.

Some people thought the world was going to end at the milennium, others in 2012...but we're still here!

It was very cold this morning.


I want to love you forever!


Sjaak was the only one who was punished.

On a clear, dark night, our eyes can see about 6,000 or so stars in the sky.

Hotta was worn out.

I can't take no more!

I'd like to see a play. Do you have any information?

I have to buy a new battery for my car.

There's so much more I want to do.


He is likely to have a book and a cracker at his meals--and then forget to eat the cracker!

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I got a stomach tumor and had to have it operated on.

He laid on his back.

The child believes that the earth is flat.


I won't vote for Roxane.


Aren't they wonderful?


The door could not be opened.

Fruit and vegetables are a good source of vitamins, minerals and fibre.

I'm sorry, but I have to go to the gym.

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Dean turned to Bucky and smiled.

I know, your busy too.

A scientist had to know how to ask the correct question and to state it so clearly that the answer would be, in effect, a definite yes or no, not "maybe".


The toy train went around the room.

Why did you turn it upside down?

Have each of your wives weave a rug by tomorrow.


"I'm not in love with Archie anymore." "Are you sure?"

That is very expensive.

We saw something.


I had dinner with a friend last night.

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It was so hot in Australia yesterday that Charley managed to fry an egg on a shovel.

I didn't know Srinivasan and Nikolai had broken up.

Would you give it a rest?

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It's not so bad!

I liked both songs very much, and only then I noticed that they'd been written by the same band. At that moment it got one more fan.

Ramanan didn't know what Randy was supposed to do.


I've done a little hunting.

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She is a pianist.


Have you seen my new car?


I reassured him that I would not be late.

Val appears to be losing.

Kim regrets that there are so few photos of his childhood.

A few years ago, I tried a Japanese-style bath on New Zealand's South Island.

There's many a slip between the cup and the lip.


I impregnated his mind with new ideas.

I'm not sure about it.

We need to improve the odds.

Do you think Delbert was being sarcastic?

Everybody laughed at the way Carisa was dancing.

Jeffery has been there for over three years.

Entering the doctorate is going to be a great challenge.


Nicolette pressed the correct button.

You might want to reconsider that move, Ricky.

I can't believe Jisheng did all this.

You have ice cream on your face.

By chance, I found a hot spring.


I don't work on Mondays.


I know what the next question will be.

I can't afford to rent a house like this in Tokyo.

The pupils absorbed all the knowledge the teacher gave them.

You have to make the right choice.

Do you have to do that?

Some people don't approve of professional baseball.

She loves to climb mountains.

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How about going to see a movie with me?

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I'm not really a talkative person. It's just that I have a lot of things to tell you.

How long are you staying here?

If I gave you this doll, I would miss it.

One thing I love about the internet is its timelessness.

Come here and sit down.


Let's not give Ramadoss the chance to do that.

Deborah isn't even on the team.

Do introverts have shorter lives than extroverts?

Don't take any prisoners.

Have you listened to this TED talk?

I don't know where Carole was and I don't want to ask him.

I can understand why you might not want to go.

I feel a pain in the back.

She put the ring on her finger.

Nils ought to know better than to argue with Jerald.

What could've happened to her?

Dan doesn't like the color of the walls.

Don't believe everything that you hear.

It's a sequel.

I guess you've got a lot of questions.

Tony kicked the door in and ran inside.

I hit upon a good idea then.

Go out and get some more firewood.

They're at the bar drinking.

I'm staying right here.

We're heading back your way.

Cooking's one of my strong suits.

How did you and Torsten become friends?

Don't let Spike read this.

The greedy man was by no means satisfied with the reward.

The bazaar ended a great success.

He is playing in his room.


Don't make me stay.

He knew better than to say such a thing.

This should be obvious, but apparently it's not.

Can you please tell me where the first class room is?

Ellen does not speak English.

Shane noticed that Michelle was sitting in the corner by herself.

French is not all that difficult to learn.

I invited Steen to eat dinner with us tomorrow.

Himawan seems OK.


They're holding a liquidation sale.


Why don't we go dancing?