It's Friday today.

She leaned over and kissed his cheek.

Is your offer still open?

Oliver had expected to win the race.

We are studying French together.


He feels happy in spite of his failure.


Drivers have to attend to the traffic signal.


I didn't say I persuaded Caroline.


I could say that it is a bit much actually.

As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain; and as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality.

My French is terrible.

You aren't allowed to do that.

I'd love to visit Boston.


This cloth wears well.

I hope Wendi won't tell Ravindran.

She convinced me.


You ought to ask for your teacher's permission.


Leave us alone for a moment.

When I was a child, I took music lessons.

Not all of them are present at the meeting today.

I can't breathe.

Manjeri wiped his forehead with a handkerchief.

It will cost around 10,000 yen.

Which movie did you like most this year?

I was kept waiting nearly half an hour.

Was there anything on the news about the accident?

George began to climb all unawares.

I didn't see Torsten coming.

There's somebody here who did it, isn't there?

Manuel is hardly moving.


Can anyone translate this sentence?

Last night I finished reading "The Magic Mountain".

Don't exert yourself.


The old man opened the car window and aimed his gun at the bird.

Heinz called and asked how everything was going.

The landscape was a measureless yellow mass of flourishing sunflowers.

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It must be supposed that reading was one of his morbid habits, as he fell upon anything that came into his hands with equal avidity.


He became a great pianist in this way.

Marsh and Archie probably won't see each other for a while.

I love you, Nicolo.

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That goes double for me.

We'll take what we need.

I feel like eating something.

Football is no sport for girls!

You may only borrow my camera if you are careful with it.

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I like him, but I'm too shy to talk to him.

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I let her do it.

Hein is changing clothes.

Why aren't you upset?

I can't believe it worked.

I'm the tallest one in the class.

Rafik wouldn't return my calls.

If you keep practicing, you'll soon get the feel of it.

Will you risk it?

We just want to be left alone.

Personally, I think you're right.

It is no use looking for the cake; I already ate it.

This is the best restaurant in our area.

You don't need to be afraid.

He plays the bagpipes.

I'll run it by Stu.

I didn't need to see that.

A meteoroid is a piece of stone-like or metal-like debris which travels in outer space.

Open the gate.

It depends on the strength of the flame, the pan used and the type of ingredients.


To your future!


Behave yourself, and you'll get something nice.

When you make the first one fall, all the others must fall right down to the last one.

I lost my way and, what was worse, it began to rain.


Sho went to a concert just the other day.

How far are we from the border?

I want to make him jealous.

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I'm physically exhausted.


Teri is stunningly beautiful.

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Though asked to remain quiet, the boy blurted out the answer to the question.


I'm sure he'll leave early.

I'll have to meet you there.

We weren't expecting this.


I love you, Millie!

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Where's the party?

Dan slipped into Linda's hospital room and tried to strangle her.

Why didn't you get here sooner?

You cheated too!

Is this worth doing?

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Stop hitting your sister.

I'd like to see Manavendra at 2:30.

Soohong asked his boss for a raise.

Brodie decided to ignore the problem.

I've never met anybody like you.


Patrick has a lot of respect for you.

It's so loud.

We'll do it with pleasure.

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I went to Kyoto, where I happened to see her.


It's normal to be scared.

Ken was happy tonight.

The committee consists of twelve members.


I was at that meeting.

I have often been asked that question.

We have to ask after Hienz.

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I'm going to go buy some bread.


I waited for Joyce for three hours, but he never came.

You are wasting your time.

Arnold seemed to be in no hurry.

The box was so heavy I could not move it.

I have just three dollars left.


Afterburners are only used on supersonic aircraft like fighter planes and the Concorde supersonic airliner.


I wrote back to her.

Can you describe the object?

Do you have enough time?


I cleaned up the mess.

I'll watch carefully this time.

Don't trouble trouble until trouble troubles you.

At the border you have to show your passport.

You don't really know Clayton, do you?

His casual chauvinism was highly off-putting.

Tell me about yourself, please, Sir Anthony.

I have a place to sleep.

You should come out with us.

I share his political perspective.

It must've been awful.

We're going to be here all afternoon.

I thought Harv found them.

If we go this way we'll catch up with them.

It is true that he is poor, but he is contented.


Betty speaks Esperanto very well.


Christofer wants to know why you haven't left yet.


I must have this.

This is a message for her.

Dan began a new life in London.

I had the strangest dream last night.

Adoption for gay and lesbian parents remains a hotly contested issue in the United States.


Do you want to see a movie Saturday night?

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What have you told him?

An intelligent man uses his mind, but the more intelligent man also uses mind of others.

She redeems herself.

Which of these dogs is yours?

Is it true that you connected this old computer to the Internet?

Were you jealous of him?

I'm finished with the mission.

I'd like to buy this computer, but it costs an arm and a leg!

Most Japanese drink water from the tap.

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They were trying to kill him.


What the lawyer had told me finally turned out to be false.


The price of the picture is 10 pounds.

Clyde was the worst.

Ramanan seems unable to do that.

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Eddy was extremely grateful.

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This website is all about the LGBT.

Tomas is in desperate need of money.

It looks like it is going to rain tonight.

Those two are so quiet it's unsettling. Could this be the quiet before the storm?

I've asked you here to discuss a mutual problem.

His ways are driving me up the wall.

No one has a problem with that.


Butler never goes to church.